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k you you shall relieve. But I know a lot of different books use the "Tell" you what to do instead of "suggesting" what you should do.. Didn't really learn anything that I didn't already know. If you do not know anything about the Law of Attraction this is a decent book to start with but it is better to just buy The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, Well written and descriptive along with practical means of manifesting! the best part about this book is that it breaks down step by step on what to do to change your life, I thought it was simple and concise, Michael relates to the reader on a very real level. Will be applying what I learned, Anyhow However we are to feel good about our lives and 99% of the people that are reading this book are awakening to being in a better place mentally and emotionally even spiritually to receive. This book is all about understanding that if you set a goal with passion behind it. It is a working manual of 'how to' in this physical universe. Rambling. Thank you to the author and thank you to the Universe. I used to think that it was better if it was in my handwriting because we all have a unique handwriting like a fingerprint. I want you to find what you are looking for! gives you good direction to get you started. If everyone read this book and believed in the truth it spoke. Like the book contains, Excellent!! easy to implement. Great sellerNice readGreat and to the point book for how the law of attraction works!!!Loved this book. He says. chances are you will succeed in it. The book is a great start to living a prosperous life, Neale Donald Walsche also advised against wanting:, Just Ask The Universe is exactly what it promises to be This book is a great tool for getting to know The Universe or reconnecting to it, Finished it in a couple hours, I love the topic and have read many books on the subject, I am now putting this book into action in my life. Thank you, I just did not think there were new insights on the topic, but this one gets to the point and keeps it simple! In a sea of negativity. granted it is a short read but I found it very useful, it was an enjoyable read and I have decided to try the suggestion of writing down what you want from life and focusing on those things. Michael., that we can manifest anything we want instantly. It made me feel like the author was putting the Universe in the place of God. This book was really not what I expected. easy to get through. It is large enough that anyone can read it without struggling to make out tiny print, Love reading a book that is so good that once you arrive at the end you find yourself wanting more Lots of nice examples. he list all his mentors in the back of his book for anyone to read., This book had a good message, to grow their 'garden of dreams '.. Consolidates ideas from multiple books & authors., I found this book very interesting, but not elaborated thoroughly enough. it is simple but it'is working. dry books that tell us only pieces of a puzzle, I tried really hard to overlook it, I have studied a lot about abundance and life improvement and the book makes it very easy to incorporate in day to day living. I'm grateful and thankful for my many blessings I have now simply by inhaling air and listening to the music the birds are singing. It is all started to happen NOW..thank you Micheal. The power of our minds and the universe are beyond any asks or expectations. this would be on the top of the list! We just don't remember the details everyday. Very encouraging and an easy to read motivational tool, Infomercial meets pop-spirituality, informative and very usefull., no fluff little book that gets to the point of how to make your wants become reality.. As for the content, I didn't know how easy a read it would be,but I got it and read it slowly . Samuels. Just Ask the Universe is a realistic guide to personal development, Wow, A very simple and practical way to manifest your dreams. I have read many books on the subject, nuts and bolts writing Great book. A wonderful little book. My recommendation is to try reading some Richard Dotts instead. I have read and been confounded by long. I've learned more on reprogramming the mind. I have been manifesting things by writing them down. I really think that should be plagiarism I¡¯m always looking for ways to improve myself and when I started, Call it what it is! I made it through the first few chapters of this annoying. Easy to read and understand...humorous and witty guide to manifesting your wants in life...also reminds one to be greatful for the gifts we've received in our lives... I am glad I found this book. Today, I very much believe that whatever type energy you put out, inspirational, easy to follow I recommend the book. The ideas and thoughts nothing is original. I couldn't stand it By sharing from his own experience it motivated me to take the action on my own as well. Samuels does cover the basic concepts well. Thank you for writing a very helpful book. I recommend it because it's short and to the point! Thank you Highly recommended this book to all folks who's into "Law of Attraction" principle or thoughts. by following the wisd

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