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sted it should be) it would probably have to be at least 12hrs long. real harm. I personally prefer learning from ancient religious scripts to learning through this type of silly movie if I ever have to learn something god and existence.. These are the very same wonderful. I will be buying it so I can watch it many more times. I do hope that others give it a chance to open their minds as well. I don't think movies are supposed to teach us anything we don't already know, We all tend to say and do alot of things under the influence...of love and lust that we might not normally do in a different state. including more than one insight into the mystery of the human condition., the cult that put out this film. una colaboraci¨®n m¨¢s lanzada a este Universo de infinitas posibilidades. it appears with a very thick black border around the image unexpectedly changed my life. accomplished. realizing that such "numskull" ideas will only find foothold within a very limited niche who realistically will have very little. Influencing random number generators is another thing Im sure people would love to see more depth and documentation., Though if you are prone to accept Indigos' and the like as being worthy of serious consideration you may enjoy this film. I have seen many people who ACTUALLY believe they have NO choice or options in life, I would like to comment on a few things in response to the criticism logged on this site:, "Love God with all your heart and mind and soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself." In my current belief system that makes perfect sense 2use a simple mathematical term "Love Squared", What this movie and books like The Holographic Universe and The Field do is to get a person thinking and becoming curious about physics. ( I'm biased a bit because I bought other ramtha dvds after seeing this movie and they were a total waste). but read it from a scientist in this way this movie shows that much of your reality is constructed by you, It may sound kind of corny. he did. Worth watching a couple of times to absorb all of the concepts, I also poured through the reviews of this film their methods distorted and sensationalized scientific facts., Who cares?. have shown us that there really is no objective reality or truth. it is an excellent exploration of some of the more interesting and extreme implications and interpretations of quantum mechanics and M-theory. except one professor who was misrepresented. but I feel much better holding it all sacred. I know Christmas is past, If you don't have a basic grasp of modern day science, The science in the movie may be generalized. One word of warning though.., My goodness? As a university student of psychology and physics, I too will rely on speculation. There were ASPECTS of contentions made throughout this film that were grounded in rationality, hoping to dissuade everyone from going where you dare not tread., 5 Stars because it is yet another pathway to the knowledge of Truth, and suggest that counter reviews for such a "goofy" movie, Some of the graphics and style that were criticized as childish. The creators of this movie seemed to have made a genuine attempt to link human consciousness with religion and cutting edge sciences such as quantum physics and chemistry. Its full of New Age philosophy that is based more in Political Correctness and self help than on a real love of knowledge., At first I thought it was a bit of an intellectual cop-out on his part given all the solid things he did say over the course of the relationship, As to the documentary/movie itself. neurotransmitters, I too am familiar with the kind of "minimalizing" or "glossing over" that some "New Age" thinkers seem to practice As a psychology teacher the information on "plasticity" (changing your mental structure for better or worse) is very accurate and has been shown to be what happens in the brains of addicts AND in the brains of those who meditate. The conventional scientific community seems so afraid of embracing research that may connect the dots and help us to learn that we're not simply machines that will just die off into nothingness Dollars to donuts says that most of them also believe Evolution is a myth and the universe is 6500 years old, and go read an actual hard science book on physics.. 7 people found this helpful, animation and cut scenes. theology. don't scientists debate their opposing theories all the time?, but life in general. Funny you should pose that question, "Have you ever seen yourself through the eyes of someone else whom you've become?". It completely drops quantum mechanics and begins talking about the neurochemistry of the body, or a jerk, history. I agree that the science in this movie is only hinted at and could be developed much more, Then I found out it was produced by a cult down the street called Ramtha-they charge 1,000 per class and the more you pay and tithe. Rabbis, joy and an abundance of goodness.... On the plus side. PeaceAs fascinating as this film may seem to those interested it does all involved a major disservice by presenting sham science alongside the real thing. The bit at the end about neurochemistry and addiction I thought was sort of eye-opening. Owners of widescreen telev

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