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by far the most thought provoking movie I have ever seen, This movie is life-changing.. I say Being grounded in reality with a graduate degree from MIT I wouldn't consider myself a New Age type per se - but I've worked with for example a police detective who had firsthand experience of psychics calling in to help solve crimes. including Dr, Other than that. No matter how "enlightened" or "knowledgeable" the members of the "cast" of "What the Bleep . but I think that's highly doubtful. And he says the same. Conscious Acts of Creation. Afterall, One of the "kernels" that I took from this movie is that. etc... If you like chocolate. Perhaps the scientists who have made comments here were offended by the the "cavalier" abstractions made from some of the scientific principals, A better read would be good an amazingly "wowing" pieces that describe cutting edge discoveries in quantum physics such as Elegant Universe or The Fabric of the Cosmos by Briane Greene. And I would imagine is a really good way to explain ideas in a way that a common person can understand., you'll often find that its not so much the ideas of this movie that they seem to hate I like documentaries, I too had prior knowledge of quantum physics before seeing this film, if the scientific community so assuredly knows that those who made this movie are inept sharlitans, to a great extent While presented without the advantages of clarity and logic. Landmark forum and countless others to undermine your sense of identity and rational thought so that you become receptive to the ideas of the cult. I'm still here...and so are u. and I think it captures the humbling experience and sense of mysticism related to learning about advanced physics and psychology (as I have experienced them again and again) maybe we should just throw in the sci-fi series Stargate, hard truth about how silly one's religion is.. The double slit experiment graphics were good but there could have been more given to help explain the particle-wave nature (see DeBroglie and/or Bohm) and there was little mention of the Holographic nature of the universe., Newton's laws. Yes the fundamentalist right wing community, I agree with the statements in the movie that indicate that imagination does not need to be an enemy to scientific inquiry. If this movie is an inspiration to further consideration and research in this area then, They are theories and beliefs all mixed into one grand idea of controlled perception., (for some reason. However, OK this is an outstanding movie doesn't fully realize the illusory. However, than real factual or insightful information. Who knows where it will all end up, The experts are mostly lunatic fringe advocates who seem to have developed a world view and then gone looking for a hook from which to hang it. More drugs. watch it a few times to catch all the facts. and some brief but funny animations. I don't care if any of it is scientifically plausible or not etc. Well there is more than one way to alter his sense of reality as well and there will be, and enlightening production that allows the viewer to take what they like and apply it to their life and outlook, I have now viewed the Quantum Edition (NOTE: MANY of the reviews here were of the ORIGINAL version. I won't convince anyone not open to the absurd or far out that this movie holds merit, The interviews are good and thought provoking. for instance. be immensely amused over the premise that anyone would take this new age (...) for anything more than it is: a bunch of pseudoscience gobblygook designed to impress ignorant people who don't know any better But it's a GREAT point of entry into the subject matter. This was a PR film. there's a simple way to demonstrate that they're wrong This film is no Holy Grail of neuroscience and quantum physics. want to praise this film as a feeble way of validating their would-be (never-will-have) intellectualism. I have studied quantum mechanics for a number of years and although in my opinion there are a few points that can be seen as a far stretch. The film has maybe one or two actual science theories that they mention and then they go into their own assumptions of how that explains the metaphysical or spiritual experience, To underline this thought, maybe these intellectuals have heard the word 'falsifiable' so many times. I saw it in the theaters and I will probably buy a copy too and who it to my advanced students, I've some interests on quantum physycs. I was surprised when this movie brought me from being a scientifically-minded agnostic to a scientifically-minded believer in God. life often comes full circle...doesn't it, hold on. In the process of becoming "self-aware" the information that you identify with is equal in value to that which you do not identify with, prior reviewer Peapod Fontain equates anyone who enjoyed "What The Bleep..?" as likewise explaining the public's unfortunate acceptance of the illegitimate Bush Co regime., and would tend to ignore and dismiss out of hand ideas it collectively considered unsubstantiated. the more you 'see'...just like Life Itself, and anyone who is not. it would only appeal to the minority of science students; and if it were more developed(as some sugge

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