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...I have come into the world and tell you the truth...so that you might have life and have it abundantly" (Jesus, E2(e squared) : 9 do it yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality -by Pam Grout. A must read. And if you are already reading this review - that's the nudge from the universe telling you to get it asap. Most of the principles I knew and I think he takes LOA to a more simplistic theory. This book gave me clarity on what path I want to take. The writing and viewpoints wash clean some old and valuable principles, I think a hundred people have said it, Don't let the simplicity fool you. I believe Banned Manifestation Secrets...was meant to be easily assimilated by a first-time reader of the subject. For those of us who are looking to find our inner power. Thank you so much for the guidance! New! This book was informative and written clearly enough for a newbie to catch on or a veteran to be refreshed! the title sounded good it is packed with a lot of great information. I have done it using the steps he has outlined in his book. so same day I got my old sim converted to micro sim from another provider without paying any cash for it.. I am always looking to find new ways to meditate, I like the fact that it encompasses active magic, This book is fabulous. reviews is principles. how much energy we put in to thinking about that idea helps to determine whether or not it comes into being. It answered all the questions other books have failed to answer. Loved this book. I could see how that is detrimental to my progress with manifestation. Concise book has meditations and talismans to focus energy.Much better than over priced trash from other sources! Easy to read. The title of this book is silly. I have learned so much from Richards books, If you have read other books of this type you won`t find any real new revelations ,but just another author`s viewpoint . And it is so. Complementary to without distracting from many other books on LoA. Explains the self-inflicted blocks we make and how to knock that off. which are infinitely slower than mental motions. I have read almost all his booksVery interesting book and a quick read. It was free when I got it but a gem of a find. so I really can't give a review at this time, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make changes in their life Simple. but it is a well-written book of good ideas that I am convinced do work. Very beautifully written. Interesting, I mean we are only talking about creating our universe. One of the best books written that I have read on manifestation and law of attraction would recommend to family and friendsSuccinct and to the point! Just what I have been searching for. Nothing. and my personal favorite I like that the book is short and sweet without wasted words or filler!Richard Dotts gives us information that is not contained in all the famous LoA books and movies. I wished I had read this book 20 years ago. I have four Abraham-Hicks books and there is so much information that is just a repeat of their other books, Thank you however, Thanks so much for all that you do Ananda, he can accomplish great things to ward quieting the line. and I've read a lot. I have read several books and I know Loa works but somehow I felt I was missing a element. This is a keeper if you are a practitioner of conscious creation. is a beautiful soul. I highly recommend this book to people interested in manifestations. An AWESOME quick read! Great read and great insight what you want .and also what u don't be mindful of your thoughts. While I love digging deeper into LOA. Inspiring and Easy to follow. you know that it's a book designed to provide you with manifesting experiments.. Author gives very clear opinion & perspective on manifesting. it was hard at the beginning to really get into it. This work struck me as over-active self-help by encouraging the "It's all about me" approach.. I like it because it doesn't overlook the God of Creation., Would recommend to all, Why did I need to ask for a gift within 48 hours and what does it say if things didn't happen for me in that time frame? Dotts take on manifestation is different from all the books that I've read and obviously none has worked since I'm still searching for answers. End up with lots of books with a thousand methods and stuff that didn't really get you there or all over the place instead. Richard Dotts (whoever he/she is since there is absolutely no info anywhere on the internet about the author) is giving the essentials in a very short and relatable format. Thanks a lot for writing this book Richard. 4.7 stars, Read this book. Highly recommended! It's a bad idea to worry that you cannot afford something or if you deserve it. but if you are already familiar with the concepts there up is really nothing new to be found. Dotts is a very good writer! The book however is worth the 30 minutes or so it takes to read it if you are already into "law attraction" manifestation stuff or Napoleon Hill. I read the book in one read it was simple. I

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