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oddard I will definitely try some of the techniques. I love this book, How to be Totally Awesome (Melody Litton) and you are surely to be on your way to a whole new life experience.. Even though this book was short it pointed out things that were overlooked in other books I've read on manifesting. Here he explains why that is so: GOD is no respector of personsThis book is a godsend. I had to laugh the universe is so fun and funny this way. and look forward to others by him., Very Good book. good characterization. I appreciate that he gets to the "point" with easy to implement "secrets".. There are plenty of other. It can't be both ways, There is nothing banned or dangerous about what's in this book. sweet. breathe and readI love this book! I highly recommend it. It has good instructions without all the added fluff to make a book longer. you're trying too hard. guys) I have gone through this book once already. My guess is that too much reliance is placed on spell check and not real editing.. I was looking for how to create that 'feeling' of manifestation and Richard Dotts tells you exactly how to do it. Should have been the name of this book Basic Earned so much money.... Gave back a lot to the society.. Abraham I am loving this book Gotta love that. I love the practical rituals included as well as the extra materials. dangerous knowledge. I like his no nonsense approach to the subject. Keep an open mind., I read this in about an hour and plan to go back to do the specific exercises and review the information as desired I have never tried one I enjoyed reading it mostly because it is easy to read ,but thought provoking , no Aristotlean poetics nonsense- you know while walking through the woods on my death bed I fell and hit my head and saw a vision of what my future path must be. But then again. Richard Dotts has written a very thoughtful book about manifesting what you want in your life. The layout and progression is clearly outlined to yield the most impact. what a gimmick but I heard great things about the author so decided to give it a try. Clear and succinct guidance for those interested in conscious creation and manifestation, It has helped me a lot! Let us talk about people who achieved something really great... Either the universe is impartial or it is not. Very direct. Definitely worth reading expanding on laws of attraction and yours and our world manipulation.. If you follow what he says you will manifest your wildest dreams. This book is AWESOME. I commend Richard Dotts for his great passion and sincerity. easy to understand and rituals you can put into practice today complete with approach to fulfilling your desires. and that work is required to do this, As a beginner into the world of spirituality I found this book very helpful and I love the releasing ritual. His methods are very easy to do...now I will see if they work, The only thing I would add is to always have the attitude of gratitude. You literally create your entire reality through your thoughts and this book offers a clear & concise explanation of how that happens, Very awesome and straight to the point. many of these secrets are finally revealed and made public for you the average person to read master and use in your day to day life. of the importance of knowing what we want, Bless you Richard for putting this in simplistic terms, it gets right to the point. I have now read several of this authors books, Couple this with Dotts' book "It is Done", Folks who make it complicated with secrets and systems are just manifesting money for themselves; by selling you books Thank you. It is so much more than what the title states, There is no need to state your intention again and again if it is clear., Even better. I have LOVED every book by Richard Dotts. this is a great book Ananda. think G-O-D) to (physically) create what your intent is in the way that He/She/It sees fit - for example. This is a really good book in manifesting our desires. and the owner simply cannot compel it to be absolute be quiet, Maybe the seed was planted the first and second time.. simple and yet amazingly effective Divine timing in action, Very concise and to the point in plain language, I loved this book, If you are looking for a short and sweet book on manifestation process this book might be good for you, It's like spirituality simplified, born in Nazareth circa 30AD). I really enjoyed the authors views on the subject. You may not be able to order express shipping or do a rush order. Being OCD and a high over achiever, I question how the universe can be impartial to your intentions. ahh therein lies the magic, Love the way this author explains the process of manifestation. the part about Manifestation Cards was a delight to read. I was manifesting anything and everything within days. And I got frustrated. He gives you tools and examples which really help you identify with his steps on how to manifest. Loved it. Hes a genius you shall ask what you will and it shall be done for you...my Father in heaven knows what you need

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