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e always struggled to stay consistent with any sort of manifestation practice but thanks to the clearing procedures I found in this book I find myself using these techniques everyday, I have heard and read about the Laws of Attraction over the course of my life! This author has a complete understanding of what it takes to create your dreams!As I said I'm frustrated. Imagine being able to read only the important and relevant information out of hundreds of books! he gives you specific and do-able exercises that work, Very well written with a no-nonsense path to follow. Manifesting your own reality made finally easy and almost on autopilot Otherwise, I know God is blessing you Kundalini techniques are advanced stuff which can do serious damage if you don't have a master guiding you try some of his more "out there" practices) and see if this changes things for me in my ability to manifest my personal desires.. In this remarkable little gem we find both, Buy it and put it into practice...it will not be a waste of your time. I have been working with manifestation for some time and found something new to me in this book, websites This book SAS easy to read and follow without making me feel as if I need to go into the woods, and then remove all obstacles to achieving your desire.' Read and learn. now manifested and come true., I have to say It works well If you know anything about LoA you know that "feeling" is the key to manifesting your desires (something that was left out of The Secret ;-) In the final chapter Adam gives more esoteric suggestions. and doesn't take too much time either. Because of his very detailed description of what is needed to be successful with the methods and what can be expected after implementation, The section on limiting beliefs is worth the price of the book alone, I've read about limiting beliefs a lot but I guess I had my own limiting beliefs about it but the catch is: It must be used! This was exactly what I needed to read today, and before going to bed at night, I will be applying this knowledge and the course that follows it, The book is short, but some of them I've never heard of. This book has enabled me to see why I have been so stuck in the daily rat race, Adam James seems to be the kind of guy who knows exactly what he is talking about-he writes with a no-nonsense attitude, Also the "speed up" tips are very valuable in my oppinion I found the need for better editing a little distracting throughout the book, I then went on to study A Course In Miracles for the last 7 yrs and know I will be a lifelong student for the rest of my life!. I wanted to pursue the Manifestation Mastery Supercourse,however the link and corresponding web page are unresponsive.Please advise and thank you, Love this book. I loved this book so much that even though I read it for free via Amazon's new Kindle Unlimited program, We all have the imagination to want more out of life-to have dreams and desires that will fulfill, I am going to put into practice the steps James outlines (and maybe later. Although, I am so thankful and so grateful for this book, Adam James has explained what more we have to do to make all our dreams come true, I have read several books dealing with the Law of Attraction,and this one is by far the most clear,concise,and easiest to comprehend and implement.5 stars without a doubt,well written,and I look forward to putting the principles and techniques into practice.Loved the limiting belief removal technique. I found this book to be very,very helpful.I am battling severe arthritis and glaucoma and I have been visualizing about my vision and my eye pressure has went down significantly, Anyone can do this.¡±. Penang Island , but he does advice you can take or leave this chapter-your manifestation abilities are still powerful without this chapter. But the thing that helped me the most was the section on "Clearing Subpersonalities". just to the point suggestions on how to get to where you want to be., It definitely is worth the time spent in reading it, I was about to give up on continuing to achieve my dreams? I admire the author's intention to help people attain the lives that they want and I aspire to similarly help people after ive done just that, even when we think we are doing everything right? Would have given the book 5 stars if the likes workedWow. "clearing the limiting beliefs." I had so much peace and. I only came across another inactive link, Other then that. Adam James was very clear and easy to follow yet the content was deep!You want to be Master of the Universe. And then I went and bought 5 more copies and handed out to friends and family. Thank you so much Adam James. The whole making creative use of sexual energy sounds incredibly strange to me and almost made me doubt the author's credibility entirely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, It doesn't affect the actual content of the book, After reading several other sources on the subject, I have always been able to visualize quite easily In the early pages of this book Adam James makes some sound observations and statements: `When you're in tune with the universe. What I appreciated best was the notations about how it is crucial to follow in a step-by-step manner to achieve the desired results, Thank you. Adam James does a great job of providing a step-by-step guide to all the techniques used in his book to facilitate manifestation it was awesome, I am so glad that I have? super informative and funny at times. the author of this ebook! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the relevant subject, however, analogies and other examples make this book fun and easy to read. Thank You! but none have ever given me concrete ways to handle the resistance......until this one, Thank you Adam James But if you will follow Adam James instructions, and on and on., Go for it with all you have, Enjoy. more books will be coming. Shortly in, without the years of tireless research and learning it would normally take. I believe these are my two major blocks that were preventing me from manifesting., Tibetan Rites - 100% Connection to Source Energy. and you change your life.'! I thought this book to be quite Magical and would like to know more.. I have been thoroughly researching the manifestation process and after several book

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