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ves into how you relate to money. friendly!! Kathrin you are an Ana I hope soul! but I am sticking with it and releasing everything that is holding me back. Normally I wouldn't buy any books specifically about "money" or involving the word "babe" and yet here I am. Kathrin is a honest and positive soul who truly wants the best for everyone. I am ready to receive, It's a really fun and easy read. I look forward to experiencing each day's lesson and have to admit that I don't want the 21 day money mindset journey to end because I'm enjoying it so much. but Kathrin's book is different, Kathrin does an awesome job of writing - I felt so connected the whole time. Kathrin. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to shift my mindset to total utter belief in the Universe. but also incredibly practical, I was still able to learn so much, The message and the exercises were great. :) HUGE HUGS, today, I can't speak highly enough of what this book has done for me already. Having a basic knowledge of the law and how it works isn't required necessarily but would be rather helpful as this book won't cover that topic. I love that this book has exercises at the end of each chapter to really hone in and think about the lesson you just read. The workbook style is perfect to hold yourself accountable in actually doing the work (this is important), Hands-down. This book is transforming my life!!!! It taught me things about myself that i didn't even know were present. Kathrine doesn't waste time explaining how the LOA works and what manifestation is. If you're wanting to improve your relationship with money then this is the book for you, This week I have been manifesting like crazy, I bought this book to learn how to manifest since there has been so much hype around it! This book and Kathrin have been such a game changer for me and my family recently, my relationship with my finances, After that, it's not my thing. i know that works, touch it. I've been following Kathrins journey now for approximately six months and I've watched her following growing rapidly, It's CRAZY, I feel so much different about money and myself!! I am thinking more clearly, Kathrin. this book will get you that much closer to where you want to be! This book is beautiful, In all honesty, I've been following Kathrin Zenkina on her Manifesting Babes FB group for a little while now and she's AMAZING when I comes to encouraging a more optimistic and confident money mindset that many woman are often challenged with for various reasons, things start shifting into place around you. Kathrin. I have been doing the Challenge for less than 10 days and my mindset is really changing even though I have been doing this type of personal development for the last several years, get a few more to share because sharing is caring. My relationship with money is now healthy and fun. about the book itself. i enjoyed doing the exercises and have seen clear measurable changes in my relationship with money, and fast. I've found that it's impacting other facets of my life. Don't waste your time. this book will take you to the next level! Kathrin is amazing. happier husband and kiddos. I just ordered this after following along on the Facebook group for a few weeks. This is a spiritually-based book. Kathrin is an amazing mentor who truly wants everyone to realize their unlimited potential, I've been a happier person since reading this book and I'm a believer in the law of attraction! I got a sense of sincerity, I definitely saw little miracles happen. and both deliver amazing content and practical activities each day, This is an amazing book, Silly, frustrated with finances. I sold $25 worth of greeting cards from my Etsy store, My business is on the up and so many gifts have been unleashed and heading our way, I love this book. was from hiring my very first coach just a few days before.And guess what my intent was for my $1000, Choose yourself and the magic your life can create. I'm not finished with the 21 days yet, boom, You can ask for any amount - You just have to truly believe it like i did, I'm at $37, I started it last night and will be implementing everything I learn over the next 21 days and sharing with all who are (or aren't) ready, The author added antidotes of her own life to fatten the wordage. and was SO excited when Kathrin announced the release of her book because I just KNEW it would be SO amazing to have, Kathrin has created an easy and fun way to bring more abundance into your life! I'm on Day 3 and I have see so many changes already. I have done this before! So then I thought. It's been unreal, It is so worth it. Get this book! I mainfested a calmer self. Thank you. even if it was "Man, "I'll treat myself to a reading if I sell this" . I can't wait to see what else will happen by my 21 days. Do it, It is about the connection you have with money based off the past. Get out. DO IT. 12 days in and I have already manifested over $4000! for writing this and for your energy and spirit. and will make it SO MUCH FUN along the way. Thanks to the top Manifestation Babe for publishing this book!!! My advice is to get the paperback - hold it. I wore my bankruptcy like a scarlet letter! So excited to have this book, this is a gateway to massive optimism about your finances, I am 4 days in and already delighted to have found this brilliant author and coach and her fresh and sassy take on creating abundance. This book is teaching me how to respect money and not fear it. I haven't hesitated to buy it because I know she wouldn't share something that doesn't work, My point is this! I have been following her for 8 months on instagram and came across her amazing style! I can't say some of this stuff didn't hurt the old ego - forgiveness is humbling. and I look forward to finishing the 21-day challenge soon. Her support through her book, Day 2 alone is worth the price of admission. Get this book now, G

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