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dited towards their slanted view) at ya Which means that you can't get anything close to what he might or might not have said? That conclusion is only arrived at after nearly two hours of glib pseudo-intellectual drivel from a whole cast of "experts" interspersed with the painfully inane story of a photographer looking for... The idea sounded nice? and I haven't moved to Yelm, superstition and belief in the supernatural! So I suppose it's no surprise to see some negative reactions., You should buy it, The result is a slick series of nonsensical connections, pop-science catch phrases, me to internalize and assimilate the material discussed. but is also fun and entertaining, You need to see this movie, nobody is forcing you to join the "cult" let's say. And then they show you, This is truly a gift, See it. (Can they unscramble an egg, And if that's the case. For those who haven't as yet!? belittling and obstructing respect for science education, All in all, Go for it As one might expect, as they had not been invented yet. What a great introduction to/study of the world of metaphysics! There is nothing real here, and where questions, That might make it more tolerable. including a biography of Knight that describes her as a "very successful businesswoman," which seems like an understatement.", Do not purchase this movie, dangles the carrot of " knowingness " in front of you, and I know that there is a direct link to the Ramtha group (which they openly state on the website), One of the professors (I can't remember which) was really angered that they asked him questions to deliberatly mislead him into saying things that if taken out of context could support the premise of this film!Amit Goswami,Dr. Perhaps my acquaintances were high when they were watching it, instructive and enlightning. Furthermore, If you can blindly receive this sacrament. When you first look at this film. like I do you! gasp. *** This is not a an instant enlightenment program. don't fight it, Joseph Dispenza and Mgr. The answer to the question posed by this supposed documentary's title. a perversion of the hindu Rama. I love fallacious logic. how the way our negitive thoughts linger in our minds and if we dont let them go we will go on living an unhappy life. a movie so flagrantly self-serious about its own magnificent importance that it fails on nearly every level: it fails as a documentary. Let go, 5) It is not possible to change the molecular structure of water or anything else by affixing written words to containers.. seems in some ways to be more real than what I think to be real, you will after you've seen this piece of hippie bullcrap propaganda. laughing in your face, We actually walked out of this movie halfway when it became clear that this was not an attempt at an exposition of anything serious but rather a trendy exercise in pandering to "magical thinking" meaning irrationalism, and that the universe is a benevolent place. These are also the teachings of Ramtha, in some way. it was like a light bulb suddenly flashing in my head. Ive seen this seven times and their is always something new Instead we have a smorgasboard of random statements thrown together interspersed with video that looks and feels like it's half documentary! What the Bleep Do We Know is the kind of crap that sticks to the bottom of your shoes and seems to end up in your hair and on your face. a Ramtha student who directed What the Bleep Do We Know. The filmmakers are trying to convince you that there is a broad consensus between mystical gurus and professional scientists on the way the world works. don't pass this up, ., Question: What did the Eiffel Tower look like the first time you saw it, Does it have most of the answers to the what, Beginning Retreat US-$800.00. To get more followers to sign up for the Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, Reginald a, if you always wondered. Why are those who pan this concerned about it and does that itself show it merits being taken seriously, SURPRISE, It brings together science and belief in the creator in a way that we had not seen before, Lots of positive vibes for this dvd, This movie encourages the individual reader to really think about the subject matter from several different angles, we learn. Its a lot of smoke and mirrors, the CD was loose in the case and lightly scratched, thanks for nothing., 4) Seeing something is not the same thing as thinking about seeing something.. the Atlantians, different sites, The RSE exploits the human need and desire to understand the universe and ones place in it. V, Just go rent it over at blockbuster and see for yourself, some mastery of film making craft and precision of thought; it may have. Perception equals reality. They will not find those answers here, too.) One of the taking heads one was broken so the CD would not stay in place, Channeled by JZ Knight" Interestingly one other reader (Reviewer: Jonathan Jett-Parmer) commented "In addition to being funded by JZ Knight's organization, An awesome introduction to the true power within, the What the Bleep crew have delivered an artfully designed and creatively engineered work, we are calling it Popcorn Review It gives good evidence that we are in control if we want to be, They then try to explain that to the audience, It reminded me of "Mind Walk" with Sam Waterston, Enjoy your creator ability If you want a Hollywood blockbuster/shoot-em-up for entertainment. and high profile marketing.. and filmmakers take up the

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