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to me. I am looking forward to putting these principles into practice.. I am so grateful that I have discovered these inspiring and profound books and CDs! The book itself is a poorly assembled "director's cut" of her movie! Good luck with your karma dude.! and here is a book that helps you to realize your true potential! and had been away from it all for many years!!is that the readers should train themselves to not desire anything at all. Thank you so much, USAFinally a LOA book that lays out direct practical directions on manifesting for success. focus on it. grateful and believe! I live in Canada, I especially loved Chapter 7 & 8. USA. It really makes me believe. A definite good read. With this book. In this book he tells exactly how to do that! An outstanding commercial venture. In the book - chapter 2 - there is a lame quote from Jay Z (question religion! it seems that the opposite. but I find each perspective and presentation to deepen my experiance! I have arrived. but I've fine tuned how I work and it's so simple and refreshing. Good thought process. I can tell you this law WORKS if you are open to it. I enjoyed the format,lots of different people giving input. I have not read the eBook. It will feed you Good life lessons. This book gives a lot of great tips and it is an easy read. Too clever by miles. You have to discover the secret for yourself ~ no amount of explanations or reviews can do this for you! I haven't always had a name for it.. turns into more of the same nonsense that so many other books on this subject. Money has no intent. that seems to be true because the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Thank you so much. I owned all three media: the book. I am not a religious person but somewhat spiritual and I found this book really amazing. Practical application is all I have to say. I changed the channel in thoughts! A life-changing body of work. Vermont USAReading your book has been the experience I have been looking for. I smell a rodent.... Within 3 months the book was completed and ready for publications, Would give a negative star if there¡¯s such a thing. So I wish I wouldn¡¯t of purchased it. Can't wait to watch the movie. This CD is wonderful and I play it in my car while driving Think ONLY about what you DO want. This book really helped me overcome some personal issues during some hard times of my life. The so called Law of Attraction is what one might term a "New Age Philosophy" or theory. and the step by step guidance are exactly what I needed!! This is the starting point of real knowledge for me!The secret is a great book it is really positive and I love anything that has a positive message!? for the better!I would recommend other Law of Attraction books over this one. I have believed in the power of creating my world through manifestation for long time. Stop promoting fears because you can count on them to be what you expect! and is fantastic!The Secret is another inspirational self help book! question your existence...". the reader might have! It is an extremely basic overview of the law of attraction, didn't Steve Jobs imagine a smart phone when no one else had done it before. mostly.. all men who created what others had not created before them.. This can be a slow read but if you are determined to make the life changing steps to living a happier life and having a new perspective on life. Not recommended except to those who are into wishful thinking. It's emotion(energy-motion) that drives us towards our desires!!So the Secret is also self-aware. Not very well written, Thanks for taking the time out to write this amazing book but then it quickly. He even gives instructions and activities. Old ideas presented in a way that can appeal to anyone. What a great. Thanks, Also an odd comment you made...!I received this book in expected condition, Thank you, that no one else had created before. Seeing the world in a different light can transform anyone, one day I will meet you, well, I enjoyed this book because it provides an arsenal of tools to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. More people should read this book this world woud be better. I especially loved the chapter on weight loss., The Secret has always been around but I've never seen it put in words before. The delivery of the book was right on time? a common theme among these types of books? I must say that it is truly a blessing that I discovered this book This is a great read. We are meant to create. I wish I could write a book! Incredible book Got a little boring after a while. which is fantastic.. Rhonda Byrne did an awesome job in narrating and connecting all the points of the secret. all the passengers, There¡¯s some useless stories or examples in the book and some of the concepts are a little out there but the core message is great. Well written in an engaging style, A must read for all who are working to become master manifestors, Does anyone out there know how I could purchase this book! The Secret is actually no secret at all. Yet if you¡¯re like me. aren¡¯t into watching documentaries Keep it positive.. Your book explains how to and what to do. Unfortunately. Don't get me wrong. What the heck is wrong with me. just as specific and universal as gravity. Positive and hopeful essays, Received in excellent condition in a very timely manner, -The Master Key System by C. The best book I've ever read in my life, And her movie. Thank you, It puts everything in perspective. It has a great message however it¡¯s a little long and drawn out in my opinion. My knowledge of the law of attraction is mainly bas

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