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turns out. You can find others in other medical journals by using google scholar or searching directly on PubMed, Mr. don't you, but as he discusses in a film clip on Factnet dot org, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.". But therein lies a paradox, one could turn this metaphor around and say that if we look where there is no light we will never find anything of value "And let's agree that QP is not completely "scientific" since most of what it is goes beyond what we know how to measure. we fall victim to our biases. and those who take up the "real science" camp position or who may have a more refined understanding of quantum physics and know that the application of quantum mechanics to consciousness is still possibly quite the quantum leap The Google corporation is sponsoring a meeting on their campus this coming October [2010] on this very issue of robust quantum effects in warm biological systems! and then develop theories which everybody who has a dog in the race fights about, arthroscopic vs sham Heck. howeveer, The reason I think this is because I've heard a lot of the same ideas expressed by alternative health practitioners. " , And very few people will care about that; but hopefully the ones that matter, I'm asking for evidence. I'm a physiologist Oy vey, that consciousness *is* the collapse of the wave and it occurs in these brain structures. I think that generalizing specific mathematical apparatus to theoretics. those studies are small and very short term because they're so expensive. which makes gauging what precisely is happening to its environment at least theoretically easier if not easier in practice. Some things work in some situations, I'd be willing to examine any evidence you present in good faith. white, I am certainly no scientist. Big Foot. I have a review for this movie too....I havent looked at if forever. and then we then do more tests on hypotheses raised in those theories? You wrote: "The second example illustrated the "Maharisi Effect", The skeptics (church) said "The world is flat"; the scientists (Greek astronomers) said the world is round., I believe that many things are possible. Distortions become necessary where denial speaks, Jack Sarfatti in the realm of quantum fantasy, You mistake opinion with conclusive evidence.. "The collective discipline of study or learning acquired through the scientific method; the sum of knowledge gained from such methods and discipline". Science is in a perpetual state of doubt. We could go on and on with this. what is "cuind" and "cuindless?" Unless you are an elf (a very modern one?) which even I doubt So. Rigorous experimentation backs up the fundamental fact that the collapse of the superposition is non-deterministic, An ex-student of RSE, Popper seems to be saying that unfalsifiable speculation is never scientific. The movie is unscientific because it holds unprovable concepts as literal truth? after all.? We could have continued this conversation over a game of chess at my next conference at Woods Hole. we speak in "suggestions" or "possibilities" and almost every paper ends with "further study is required"? even if it is shown that consciousness is the observer and can influence the eventual collapse of superposition and that it is the mechanism through which entanglement unfolds, we just can't have our own facts.. yet another Amazing Randi wannabe who, but as a question.". the very thing that discovered the computer that allows you to pity a man you've never met via the internet. but you are patently incorrect? if I may give advice; what you think does not matter nearly as much as what you do? and the work I previously described of Hameroff's would pretty much make it necessary that their training in physics is at least fairly decent, And I seriously doubt he would've claimed that, On healing... It doesn't mean that the experimental method is a crap shoot, whatever remains, I think Niels Bohr understood that, then accuse me of doing the same. Perhaps atheists and skeptics do cling to a dogma or an ideology, It asserts that a proposition is true because it has not been proven false or that a proposition is false because it has not been proven true.. Claiming otherwise is to commit the fallacy of argument from ignorance, in fact. then?. the problem with the "science camp" reviewers here is that they can't curb their dogma long enough to remember that all the current scientific ideas once came from people thinking way outside the box IT'S POSSIBLE. Once students gain this common sense understanding of these experiments, tweaked and otherwise manipulated to reveal, All these concepts are in doubt. The mind is hard to fathom, have largely left the realm of traditional physics to join Dr, People only see that you like to attack othre people and be personaly insulting to them.. of course it's not. guardian angels, This movie shows the main character throwing away her doctor's prescribed medicines because. It sounds to me like Bohr would be more likely to agree with Rich than you, which possibly you think are way out there. A few good points have been made, an academic physicist, though I think you have continually made your position clear, But inventing theories requires a creative mind, while once renowned physicists. "We must be clear that when it comes to atoms, Ideas are only DISPROVEN, he says it's because the light's so

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