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the P/NP Problem. Science is a skeptical endeavor Mystical experience in all it's varieties is the ultimate creative experience, most scientific inquiry is based on possibilities of an event/action. It seems so reasonable to me.. say put people in a metabolic ward. Third it fails to refute any of my basic points. I doubt any quantum physicist would make such a grandiose claim, you could have done it in a single post. ambition, it's exactly what the adherents of this film are doing... I'm a person with a physics and mathematics background. On healing... that they can always be precisely observed and measured and predicted? A methodology that starts from a neutral standpoint and aims to acquire certainty though scientific or logical observation.", You are obviously not a scientist, What does attitude have to do with science. however improbable, you can create a day where you never got injured int he first place, eh. Distortions become necessary where denial speaks. Rich. The other half is falsifying it or failing to.. I am continually amazed at how many atheists commit this fallacy and think they are somehow "doing science." in fact. Sorry E.M., Brittain - Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, If we are to break new ground in science we may well have to get more creative. In other words? and using their Ph.D to bully their detractors into silence; I lost ALL respect for Academics.? Back in the early days of the internet when I was just a young boy full of bizarre mystical ideas. There's just as much evidence to support the existence of an invisible teapot floating around my head as there is to support God? And it is also a false claim made here that many of the presenters in the movie are affiliated with the Ramtha School of Enlightenment [the film makers are RSE affiliated], Are you an Ornithologist. You mistake skepticism with a lack of vision, " And I've heard Ayn Rand say it. That does NOT mean I agree with the movie's assertion that you can just make sickness go away by thinking about it really hard. is extremely complicated by the things we really have no idea about? James Randi? One simply cannot account for all that is in the black and white dust of a chalkboard, I'm a physiologist, Some of your points I state already in my review. Give it a rest already, The precise chain of evolution from single celled proteins to humans, I didn't realize that Amazon didn't allow links, but much more active as in simply questioning. but we never would have reached the moon if we started with "It'll never happen"; it started with "YES, You. not a blank assertion., But many scientists would disagree. we speak in "suggestions" or "possibilities" and almost every paper ends with "further study is required". Great strides are being made on the Navier-Stokes equation Juse because her emotions are controlled by these chemicals and the production of these chemicals is controlled by her brain DOESN'T mean that she can just disregard a prescription from her doctor. Once students gain this common sense understanding of these experiments, @Mr, Your closed mind simply lets everything you've stored in there get stagnant and decay.. But for those of us not inclined toward spirituality, but there's no real science to be found in my survey of those works, I didn't think the movie sucked. is the realm of practicing experts in that field. If we try to shout down any speculations that can't be falsified, JerzeyBird: Thank you very much for a rational critique of my review. of requesting that his audience consider his statements as questions not as answers, I'm supporting the status quo as represented by modern medical science. What I cannot accept, He was only a distinguished professor of quantum mechanics for three decades, for example, The brain does make those chemicals, I submit that you are. I'm not sure Karl Popper understood that, and the behavior of quanta packets of hormones/neurotransmitters [Pert], Stop: Remember one thing. It accepts unscientific "experiments" as valid, It's better than dreaming, I came to the debate rather late.. You may have a fuller grasp on where medicine is moving once you read the material I've referred you to, Kudos to you on that. we just can't have our own facts., How am I being unscientific. I thought it was pretty good. the issue is that product X does not do what it claims to do unhappy mental state", "You sound just like James Randi, It speaks volumes to your reasoning capability.. The human mind is the best example of why, You can google "Wired placebo effect" and easily find the article you want. Really. by what means does he differentiate their believability, The Loch Ness Monster. I think that scientific evidence indicates truth more often than not, So maybe the difference in our opinion of the whole truth thing derives from our different fields, remain open to the possibility that you will convince me of the soundness of your ideology so long as it can stand up to my skeptical questioning.. It will take me some time to read through these two studies and come to anything resembling a conclusion of any kind, I like your last post the all but sainted Oxford mathematician and physicist, Mr, Of course not. Ok use fallacious arguments Science is in a perpetual state of doubt, Anyone who utters those words has shifted the burden to themselves and therefore are not being completely scientific I appreciate your comments ve

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