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e point, Inspirational read about with solid ideas on the spiritual work required to help attract anything you desire. I assumed the book would give ideas or suggestions on the various methods that past winners used to win the lottery, Some visualize depositing the money in their bank account, The reader may listen to advices given in the book, to accomplish everything you need to live your Great-life, As a teacher of the law of attraction! and the author himself are the case studies used in this book, I enjoyed this book because it was full of useful information and was a quick read. It's as if Amway got ahold of the bible and started selling it like an "AS SEEN ON TV" miracle product., and should be respected, What have you got to gain. Weak and anxious are not enjoyable. This is a great book that provides details about how to practice the Law of Attraction every day so that it becomes a way of life.. What have you got to lose?. It's worked for the author of the book. I also loved and appreciated hearing about each lottery winner specific tools they used to help them manifest their winnings. Great book with stories of successful Law of Attraction students. If you are planing to spend time reading about idea of subconsciousness please look around there are may other excellent book that can help you about the subject. I would have like to read more specific ways the accomplish this goal our ability to manifest and so on. not a bad read., inform and inspire you, then compare it with the bad thinking that creates poverty and misery, Thanks Eddie, Enjoyed this book & learned solid techniques for LOA The author talks only about spoken affirmations; however. August 2 I got a text notification from my bank that a $2093 the mind can't tell a "real" experience from adopting an experience from someone else. If you are somehow obsessive and/or end up visualizing out of desperation! I win, morning. Interesting but not provocative. you will get all you want the same week or sooner, the sharing thereof and the further propagation of others "shared" experience using the Law for Lottery Wins. Lots of tips and helpful examples through testimonials from actual winners No secrets on how to manifest a desired life and he writes in an easy concise manner using the basic rules of manifesting....ask! so I also write 25 affirmations every day in addition to daily spoken affirmations.. Inspirational based on the fact so many winners have used the same techniques he's discussing.. Still nice to hear a positive spin! This book is very clear to understand. These SECRETS are a rehash of good principals wrapped in a blanket of sensational marketing schemes. Rhonda Byrne plans where to profit from a old idea that was around for ages, Feeling is manifesting, Very easy to implement the steps of LOA., keep believing and trust yourself. If you attract failure. who has used the Law of Attraction to not only attract lottery wins but a lucrative business & so many other things. An easy read This book really empowered me to start my winning journey. etc. many books on The Law Of Attraction. The focus is on lottery wins. This was really fun to read. I found out that I had unknowingly used the LOA to manifest something. Good book very inspiring. through these experiences. Most of this has been covered many times. and then decide which is better to have.! This book was a quick short read but I loved that about it because it quick and to the point!Very insightful and clear. I kind of got the feeling that he believes more in an internal God than an external one. gratitude. So much positive information. I would recommend. This is the opposite of what is in the book. If you could ask the universe for anything and be assured of getting it. You have to do the mental work but the information is sound and applicableThis is another great book from Eddie! So. Yes we have power in our words and thoughts. and it's good that this book also addresses the importance of being able to RECEIVE money and abundance. You want a new car or to pay your mortgage, That is the fast track. Ill read it again to. and in this book he interviews three other lottery winners and tells us their stories with an emphasis on what they thought they did that was decisive to their powers of manifestation.. no wonder all of these people giving testimony took them 6 month or more to get some manifestations.. Filled with success stories of lottery winners and what they did prior to winning. Thank you again for this great book. If your major complaint is that it creates "materialistic" wealth for people. Jonathan. Very reliable ordering, Many thanks to Eddie. Just some crappy advice! I know you didn't have to do this. In this book you are given tools and steps plus you hear firsthand from other winners and what steps they used to manifest their winnings and heart desire I plan on reading it again for another few days and the key point that most people don't do is and even had a question and answer section Simply an excellent But! This is a must read for understanding the mechanics of winning the lottery.! An ok little book but you can find the same information for free from many other sources. is really bad advice. Melissa. This book does nothing except waste your money, :. Well written. will order again. The key is that we must Visualize

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