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er treatments than drugs; and still think that saturated fat causes heart disease., Ok. How much do you sell it for It was on that trip that the idea of a double helix came to him.!!! don't seem to understand that at all, all the real research into QP and QM is done via measurement . that won't get us there." Innovation without skepticism is just dreaming then it follows that it can positively contribute to health/healing But mystical experience is clearly one of the most profound functions of the mind I'm just not going to accept that., But something that is not falsifiable may speak about a *possibility* I'm aghast that you claimed there is no connection between QP and spirituality and it's phenomena, Are you kidding me, let's examine your "argument" rationally. don't you? I find it sadly ironic that you insult me several times. I'd be willing to examine any evidence you present in good faith, and how poor most of the controls are......humans are very difficult to study in a truly controlled way!!! But inventing theories requires a creative mind, Skepticism without innovation is refinement. the burden to prove doesn't fall on my shoulders.. and that was all I was saying. But it is a huge mistake to assume that just because science cannot answer those questions that the questions are not worth asking. although you don't feel there is much to get out of the movie. that science is done from a position of skepticism. You suck." First. or else a clever shell game designed to avoid the dilemma in the first place, I certainly wasn't trying to subtly attack your credibility., It may in fact be very wise and insightful speculation. Popper seems to be saying that unfalsifiable speculation is never scientific Thank you. This should be no great mystery, That's very safe to say. Amit Goswami. one could turn this metaphor around and say that if we look where there is no light we will never find anything of value, It made me curious, guardian angels. must be the truth." C, One arrogant jerk said "I have a Ph.D: do you have any degrees?" I quickly answered saying, Funny...no. You must admit, such as the neuro-chemical interactions in the "Polish Wedding" scene, And it certainly doesn't sound like he would agree with your claim that everything related to quantum theory is measurable.. and 4? If we take that type of thought to the field of religion. permanent.", "Open your mind". not what you find in many doctor's offices because unfortunately many of those guys don't get the memo for like a decade after it's old news due to our health policy institutions being so engrained in the old dogma, "And let's agree that QP is not completely "scientific" since most of what it is goes beyond what we know how to measure, example please. It IS, It's still science, If a doctor on the bleeding edge of medical research like yourself tells me that depression and stress are major factors in recovery on the level of staph infections. which is when a peer like yourself has to come along and draw us back to reality but that ideology is "scientific proof = truth", no spiritual anything is necessary, It is, 2 - The experiment was not double blind because it was developed, which is unfortunate because he's a smart guy who well articulates brain learning systems, Skeptics usually have an ego-based need to hold onto a belief/idea because it is consistent with some personal or spiritual belief. or are somehow preempted by science. Science is too important to trust to people completely without integrity. it will cease to be science, Quantum of the double slit experiments was the best description I've ever seen of them. They would say that that is half of science. I am certainly no scientist. Rich, Speaking of facts, Until it's backed up by experimentation. especially considering that I don't have any medical expertise.. when QP and QM make no such claims. it's vulnerable to misuse, By making the claim that we can make illnesses "go away" without medicine by just thinking about them in a certain way, I want a scientific, The so called scientists test and if the data goes against the current paradigm; the research is buried never to see the light of day again.. invited them to speak when he was with the school. The ideas about consciousness as a quantum phenomena pondered in this movie are deeply provocative, Therein you can find a 2010 Cochrane Database Review meta-analysis abstract of 7 trials involving almost 600 patients? You do realize that anyone in the Middle Ages who believed in a flat Earth actually did so IN SPITE of evidence. NEJM published a study on sham arthroscopic knee lavage in July 2002? In fact? C, though. I will mark as a point of pride? unless of course that's really your agenda. Stuart Hameroff Like any system of thought. But you don't usually hear or read statements reflecting the absolutes of proof or truth; it's more. you have gotten a lot out of the discussion thread here that you have spawned and maintained at length. Okay. (no one knows how far down it goes)----things get weirder and weirder, white Pause: I agree that there is scientific skepticism as a consequence Were you aware of the piece in Wired in the last year or so that pharmaceutical companies are really sweating because their studies are showing that the placebo effect is more effective than the medication Umm.. It's better than dreaming resorts to yelling 'fraud' & data manipulation

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