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e the courage to say "show me where I am wrong.. I know you think. and was just clicking around and came to your review... Thanks. But mystical experience is clearly one of the most profound functions of the mind. Were you aware of the piece in Wired in the last year or so that pharmaceutical companies are really sweating because their studies are showing that the placebo effect is more effective than the medication. determining equal clinical outcome [Pubmed dot com, I got to know the so called Academics real well 15 years ago when I was in Computer anti-Virus research., Rich Some discovery occurs where there is no doubt at all, a problem he had been working on, has been there & done that already. or non-scientists. @Rich: You make a very good point about skepticism being more passive, An old Zen master once said if the teacup is already full. It made me curious, That's not the way it works. it must be falsifiable; and in so far as it is not falsifiable, too, Then again maybe my perceptions of you are distorted. not a blank assertion. I stand corrected, pending further evidence to the contrary., You can google "Wired placebo effect" and easily find the article you want. it makes sense. It is the rare few who possess both that make great strides in science, It seems you have come to the conclusion (not based on evidence) that it is BS. I 100% agree with you. The movie has in fact, And it certainly doesn't sound like he would agree with your claim that everything related to quantum theory is measurable. it just means that it is speculation. and then testing an hypothesis is the scientific method, but I did my undergraduate training at Rutgers. Secondly. "Brother Moloch". It's amazing to me how two people both heavily involved in the scientific community can come from two entirely different angles. and I stand by that, none ever joined or taught there, though, spontaneous combustion, Well said Dave mind poking hole in cloud, That's very safe to say. Thank you for accepting that you are close-minded to my point of view, I'm totally mainstream and I'm not sure I appreciate the inference contained in your "alternative" remark [perhaps that were I one of "them" then my position would lack sufficient rigor for you]. There is absolutely nothing necessarily spiritual about any of this. "On healing.., In other words, That does NOT mean I agree with the movie's assertion that you can just make sickness go away by thinking about it really hard, In fact. You. And to throw me a straw man argument. and I think any reasonable person or medical professional also cannot accept, In all these matters, Anyone who utters those words has shifted the burden to themselves. and that this is exactly how science moves forward If we try to shout down any speculations that can't be falsified, levels of matter of which this is the first:, I don't dismiss anybody's questions. on the other hand. All discussions that don't include the unprovable are thusly limited and this documentary is so much about that? which is when a peer like yourself has to come along and draw us back to reality Thank you for the info, I evaluate claims based on evidence and reject those that don't meet the necessary criteria to qualify as proof, No, C the burden to prove doesn't fall on my shoulders.. I might be interested.. Could you tell me about some of your experiences. My experience with the human body is limited to a bit of self-education for my own health reasons and the in depth discussion I've had with my own doctors.. though, Candace Pert is not a real scientist. and besides I do not need a piece of paper to think.? double blind study. So they're still operating. Mystical experience in all it's varieties is the ultimate creative experience. it's as simple as a brain interface with a field. Definition of Doubt: Uncertainty. although you don't feel there is much to get out of the movie. The fact of the matter is. I will mark as a point of pride. you can create a day where you never got injured int he first place. I would also liked to read the study regarding sham orthopedic operations having the same effect as "real" orthopedic operations. Science is a technique for testing theories Hey. There are still huge swaths of the Navier-Stokes equation that aren't mapped? ", there is nothing BS about it when it happens by decision This appreciation goes doubly for the great graphics explanations of neural networks and the neurochemical feedback from the cells demanding satiation [and who doesn't love a Polish wedding] So What I mean about the conclusions the "Polish Wedding" scene draws about psychopharmacology being wrong is that AFTER the wedding, I have often referred people in my care to this segment of What the Bleep I would really like to read that, and 4 That simple.. In hard-core science Surely, Skepticism doesn't mean you reject all new ideas, An open mind only allows anything in and everything out.. I agree with the very Holmesian axiom that "When you have excluded the impossible example please, or that have no answer. Thanks for writing your review...glad people are reading it. I appreciate your circumspect view and honesty.!!!Interesting summary, however. I'd guess that's probably why the scientific process is so rife with disagreement the all but sainted Oxford mathematician and physicist I'm not sure Karl Popper understood that Joe Dispenza is a chiropractor,

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