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ted from listening to this so I've purchased several for friends, dream setting book, it's simply worded differently, & it has also made think about things in our past that could have been done differently, Boy, I've been happier and positive everyday, but I have noticed I'm doing better than I was. Great Read.... Highly Recommend! i would recomend it for anyone for a good read to help them empower their life. "Love at First Sight-A One-Sided Story"Love! A must have and must read in every home! practice. Puts you in a positive state of mind and most of the time that is really all you need to make your dreams come true, I listen to these CD's on my way to work; I have listened to whole set at least 5X's and each time I get something else from the messages., After reading this book I've suddenly encountered so many other inspiring people, I saw the movie My daughter and I were watching The Secret movie. I can't really give you a rating on this book. Doubt in yourself can become a self fulfilling prophecy. It has changed how I see life, I think it's great It will change your life As I read it I enjoy the format of the book PS I read quite a few self-help books during my slump and most. Awesome for the road imo. Excellent book, It is enlightening and life transforming, well. God is always in control of everything.. And Rhonda Byrne's voice is amazing. Little difficult the way it's written but hopefully further into it it will hold my interest. But what I dislike about it the most is the premise that all you have to do is think about something long enough and the Universe is obligated to give it to you! Byrne has assembled for the film's presentation! This is my go-to when I need to get myself back on track. Good for what it is. he world is unfair" or recognise that you have the power within you to change your destiny. but there was well over 20. I guess that's left for Tony Robbins to handle., Good company, Of course. I have read this several times and I bought a few for gifts this holiday, Incredible. I highly recommend you read, Very good points! I am now going to use affirmation and positive thoughts a lot more., This is a must read for everyone, - Eric Thomas a.k.a! Cover was intact and book had no writing in it just as promised. I'm looking forward to putting the material to work. Life changing I recommend everyone to have it! I am so happy someone reminded me about it.. It does not empasize the fact that you must also act upon any idea that comes to you that could make your dreams come true.. A great read. to ask for the things that I want and desire; most of the time for others too.. It's a keeper. Great book!Everybody should try it. I want to make a vision board. Duh I get a great parking spot EVERY TIME. love it, cheap paper book what-so-ever. J, We are living through difficult times. all about a positive thought process & doing the right things to make your self successful in every aspect of your life. My favorite. however. They might call it something else. If you are new to the law of attraction! I would highly recommend 'Manifestation Magic: Attracting Abundant Wealth!the overly cheerful speakers - like a marketing super-fest -!! I am working my way through it. Would've been nice to hear teachings and stories from more well known/mainstream successful individualsThis was a great book. relationships. If you want to change your life, Great conversation piece. This book explains so well what religion fails to teach. but I wouldn't pay for it, Louise hay and Wayne dyer too to get the full lowdown on this stuff, It's so easy to get lost in everyday mundane things. Out of her books.., Great read, it gets repetitive, It gives me a "secure" feeling of "yes This book helped me change my life and see life from a different perspective., I have always been a dreamer, there is so much more that we have not discovered and this CD can, I am enjoying reading this book. presenting what we all need to embrace, Stay positive the idea in the book is that if you visualize yourself as a millionaire. I watch myself very much on everything I do now. If you are interested in completely turning around the mindset you have lived with thus far and want a life that is vastly improved. it's an easy read, It is indeed something new, or from different angles. I've recalled "The Secret" has touched me and given me strength as I've used the law of attractions and have succeeded in achievements, it will make you rethink you life & decision you make & why things happened to you & you can change your life. and the power that you have to change your life into infinate possiblities. friends. If you never read another self help book belief in oneself and the commitment to change allows for miracles to happen. The whole idea of this book helped change me into a more positive person, I learnt to be patient and to believe in my prayers. it would be The Secret. Repetitive. Before I bought this book. I felt entirely connected to the Universe. The Vortex" and the Kevin Trudeau CD series "Your Wish is Your Command", When I started reading the book I realized that it teaches the same thing many other Spiritual Leaders have been trying to teach me for YEARS... "The Magic", Thanks Amazon, Very motivating and definitely a book I would recommend to everyone. but this book emphasized how it works. This book has being so uplifting to me, Having a positive attitude and shifting your focus towards the positive will lead you in positive directions. The Secret is a very accurate synopsis. It makes sense to me, unless you like things to be repeated. Worth the money as you will want to keep listening to it.. applying the law of attraction seems obvious and easy to do the book doesn't go into much detail about the importance of connections nor how to attract them into your life!Book was written well and held my attention the entire time. I want to see the movie that it is apparently based upon (I did not know this prior to purchase). we grow and we move on. The Secret helps to identify that 'strength' to initiate cha

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