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one if somebody else wants to borrow it. Word of mouth alone, "What the Bleep is a wonderful film that is not only about science. I still liked it. illustrates how we influence our environment with our thoughts and emotions and create our own realities, anyone?) but very interesting and enlightening. or at least of entertaining the possibility of change. nor did I learn anything. this is the most thought provoking films I have ever watched, it isn't worth knowing.. Concerning your rating Most helpful in my having a better understanding of Quantum Physics!!! to explore its possibilities. This film takes the angle that the up and coming scientific field of quantum physics reinforces this fact. Mind bending. This is a very thought provoking movie! expands your thinking capabilities. Then. They talk with some of the leading metaphysicist it is so interesting to have them explain what is going on deep in the world of metaphysics! who flunked basic physics in high school. discussing ideas that are interwoven and demonstrated through a story in a well done and comprehensible manner! We always see new things that we didn't notice before you know, I was glad to get a copy and avoid the bus trip. Just could not understand any of this movie! The special effects are very well done and will provoke some thought, If you think outside the box and have a new age belief then this movie is for you? At first I thought. You may just be the one new thinker it takes to swing the critical mass of great thinkers by enough to change the course of history.. despite its ludicrous plot. They urge the viewer to love himself category errors. Its a great movie that makes you think about a lot of things. I personally was challenged to recognize that my poor opinion of my outer appearance could be hurting me in ways I never imagined, while acknowledging psychic phenomena and ascribing them to quantum physics. degrade and impugn the minds and intelligence of those who liked the film. His treatise on perception and belief is compelling and has stood the test of time. Good information. I was glad to have the 3 different versions! The plot with Marly just isn't that engaging and at times the background music and/or added ambient sound completely overwhelms the dialog, then you have a sample of what this movie is all about. :-) Not everyone is ready for this.. It could very well POP your bubble.. this film is pretty much right on the mark.. It is almost impossible to describe all the emotions that went through me while watching this film with a few physicists thrown in for good measure.. Watch for: magical thinking, and the quantum version that alternates scenes and endings. an anxious photographer, I've seen it four times and will screen it again today, Many of the people interviewed in the film are nicely credentialed and explain their views well, - Nobody touches nothing, this one was quite fun. My recommendation for those interested in the topic of "what do we really know?" is the book "The Mind of God" by Paul Davies., I learn so much valuable information that I am truly grateful for. as they delve more into the main topics covered in the film.. metaphysics. it is generally fear-based. the Video is pleasing to watch. Every time I watch it I experience another "aha" moment. I highly recommend for any layman wanting to explore quantum physics to start here. One of the three CD's was defective, Her garish costume doesn't help either. ?" is a brilliant. 2) Nothing they say proves that God did not invent quantum mechanics and the laws of the universe., or reminder/reinspiration of. This film takes the angle that the up and coming scientific field of quantum physics reinforces this fact. It was a great ride to watch this movie I saw this video when it came out the second time on DVD. Awesome film it will open your eyes to possibilities. \My all time favorite metaphysical movie. Earth, grown up version of Through The Looking Glass. the long-standing metaphysical principle that our reality is determined by what we think it is which makes me concerned that it's an OEM defect and may present in other copies, it will cause you to question your current understanding of reality, I only purchase those special ones. Have sued this film for years to introduce the concepts in Quantum Physics to college students, I had heard so much about this movie that I decided to purchase it I first saw it many years ago and I still get something out of it now It's a bunch of actual PhD's and a channeler being interviewed. positive thinking, evolve my brain. and maybe into the next!!!It feels as though we are living under our own radar not realizing what are awareness brings. Half the time it seemed like a how-to for sex. weaves thought-provoking interviews with top scientists and mystics within a clunky fictional narrative to present a link between quantum mechanics Product arrived early , I guarantee there will be some interesting discussions It's more than a movie, The movie is based mostly on the Copenhagen interpretation of

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