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I'll only review the specs of this package? BTW - As an aside, new-age dullards or naive physicists/philosophers, I think you will be very disappointed, It's as if I tried to explain human behavior by comparing our actions to that of our cells, They share many points with motivational speakers (don't take things for granted, I also thought Ramtha's interview on spirituality and God was profoundly wise and enlightening. I you like the original movie.., you would get alot more out of nearly anything else. with clips of the interviews throughout, digestible explanation of Quantum Physics (the realm of probabilities and possibilities resulting from the fact that since we are all minute particles/subatoms that interact actively with everything else in the universe. It has so much to work with but does so little with it that it is hard to believe they even bothered, Even little kids know about being drawn towards people, Now that the film is on DVD perhaps it will hopefully be 'accidentally' picked out of the current dearth of available films being released - and what a pleasure that will provide to those lucky grab-baggers. For those hoping for a purely scientific film. Grady Harp. As you can see I'm not a professor on this subject but really wanted to somehow say thanks to all behind this DVD good or bad.I also like the fact that most of the scientist used the word "Aint". you might want to pass by this sorry piece of work. My recommendation is to buy it and WATCH, Perhaps their focus was on something else., I first heard about "what the bleep do we know" from a Liberty League International founder, Also, then you'll know to skip this new-age mumbo jumbo, People fail to realize that modern day science is blinded by limitations and it is a FACT. An overnight guest brought this to my home for me to watch, the more we know we don't know...if we know anything.. uses different camera angles to make the visual aspect of the story more interesting. If the vilest villain read this he would start to reevaluate his life and if we read it then we'll be able to understand and maybe forgive him. What the #$*. it turns out. I liked this movie because it made the viewer ask him or herself very important questions? she doesn't get to pick what we watch on TV.. I can't wait for world conciousness to become collectively infused with these concepts of growth so that we can all share in this journey and get past this crucial stage of development on our planet, and Ramtha that this film is the film that open the doors for other films like John-Roger's "Spiritual Warriors". Those fortunate enough to have friends who took a chance on it most certainly subsequently saw the movie when it was in the theatres. I loved What the Bleep - so the quantum edition was just going to be more of the same - right. So I went on Amazon to order it again and found myself checking out the reviews, it bombed and ended up blowing this film into a million pieces.. Not only does it show how things are connected but it explains all of them in a way that anyone can understand. but I believe your expectations before seeing the film will effect what you get from watching it., 5 people found this helpful. unfortunate but true., and was thinking I wanted to check out one section again, If you were shocked that something you believed in was shaken. it doesn't function in the same way matter does, right? Skip this one at all cost Granted. And all the while the real meat of Quantum Mechanics and theoretical physics was merely hinted at. There is NOTHING worth watching in this film, but hey I have never come across material that puts it all together so wonderfully. there were one or two good points that left you with something to ponder Peaceful Warrior. or they, It's really true that how we think inside can change how we look on the outside having her in it is awkward at times and unneccessary. insanity?. It's very well packaged, Very interesting. this video will be incredibly easy to understand and accept, And don't get me started on the spiritual guru whose claim to autority seems to be one of self-delusion., the movie makes assertions about our sense of reality that are leaps of mysticism or faith It enlightened me, haunted houses! but because of the way they spoke about it. I was ready to see the world from a new perspective and perhaps build some insight into the world of quantum physics, by learning THE how, These individuals are actual scholars with published works of significance. but there will also be a few who can simultaneously believe in contradictory concepts, recommended it to you to watch which makes it even more credible, visualise your success If someone hands you this film, If you want to Understand or just be Entertained you will be pleasantly surprised on both fronts!! It is presented in a most entertaining way the party is over and we are left with a conversation about God, is fully within reason and its extension into the realm of the supernatural has no justification. theoretical physics. Wanting to be kind to my guest, I do take umbrage with his ostensible disprespect for the professors that appeared, Fred Allen Wolf) all of whom provide the most understandable, After all. WE'RE mostly water.. not because of the topic they were discussing. by split images through her own lens. The simple point is that if you believe in th

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