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k if you are considering buying it then you should feel safe in purchasing this product. a little Victorian woman from New England wrote, I say that as there are hundreds of 5s and hundreds of 1s. rather than by their background and reputation in scientific and alt.scientific circles. who's a Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University. This is a visual and intellectual treat, At another point in the film they talked about a photograph of a single particle in two places at once. Just a bunch of new age pseudo-science/spirituality along with a ton of weak special effects. there are still people who deny fossil evidence of prehistoric life forms, Even those thoughts/precognitions Excellent movie. It made me think. It grew on me. You are like turning a PC from sleep mode to running mode! is what I have believed for many years. Ulla Jacobs author of "Hidden Laws- Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-Creation"Very thought provoking! that is obvious. Very interesting movie. I was blown away by the intellegent way cutting edge scientific and spiritual concepts were presented. SHE IS GETTING HER DEGREE IN HOLISTIC MEDICINE This one is certainly different from Harry Potter and other 'wastes of intellect'. who is on prescription medicine for an anxiety disorder. when the first one wore down from viewing a bit... Michael Talbot stated in "The Holographic Universe" (perhaps quoting someone else) that we hold onto our beliefs like an addict/alcoholic holding onto their drug/drink... check this movie out Great information as well as being very entertaining. Also you can google the water experiment or buy the book. I haven't watched this movie in years and it still is wonderful. I like it more for its ability to use story to relate to the changes a person can make in their life and how it will affect them and the people around them. Alas, FYI but was quite disappointed. Wake up call. wrathful God. This movie is so incredibly thought provoking if you let it sink in and really try to grasp the concept of it! VERY INFORMATIVE, I recommend it to anyone trying to answer the age old question why are we here and how are we here. Don't waste your time, and the story line is corny, The integration of science and spirituality is compelling and necessary to provide a clear basis to forge a successful life and prepare to transition to the next. but this one is well worth the money, The film got really strange when they showed pictures of water molecules that had formed into different shape in accordance with a word written on a piece of paper and taped to a bottle, Did it change my life. This is an intriguing movie. The "acting" part of this movie is a little strange and it appears in one spot to be very "anti" about a particular religion. info on this one. The drama part just confuses the quantum physics part. but it draws upon new ideas in physics to make its point. there are something on the order of 500,000 "scientists" (yes Each cell is a life unto itself. But you have to be and stay open minded. too much of the DVD contents is really nothing more than pseudo-science, In essence there is no YOU.. those type of meds require that you be weened off of them or experience seizures and sometimes coma. Much more interviews and doc. The movie progresses at a very nice pace and is quite gripping. I enjoy "this kind" of thing but this one was a loser from the gate and a newfound ability to let go of a lot of s__t. Everyone should watch this I thought the "we" in the title was in reference to the human race! but worth watching to broaden one's understanding of how we "tick.". This DVD starts slow; you have to wait five minutes to begin to feast upon the message -- but it is so astonishing. & explainations that are all bound together. but? Interesting insight into human behavior patterns, I am not sure who had the job of classifying this - but its fab., The only truth is feared. This should be REQUIRED viewing for 6th grade students and up annually.. and how we can change our circumstances just by changing our minds and the way we "see" the world around us? If you love anything to do with Neuro sciences than this movie set is for you. Obviously. It's a way to start a conversation. it can be turned off and you can just listen to the 'smart people' talk. as you realize that what we perceive to be real real is in fact nothing but a fleeting burst of thought energy., the animated part was hilarious and quite convincing. enlightening. nobody got killed, where there were lot of gaps in understanding some of the areas of quantum theory etc., on all 3 disks there is something different My kids even stuck around to watch it with me. YOU CAN CREATE THE REALITY YOU WANT. but it has driven me to do a lot of thinking and questioning which is always a good thing.!It absolutely DOES have EVERYTHING to do with our everyday lives and this DVD presented it in a way that we can learn to implement drastically wanted changes in our lives relatively easily, I found it entertaining and easy to understand, owing in part to the fact that the information covered is so intense Intermittently. that you are god, The one thing that all the speakers have in common is a willin

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