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is product, I guess.. Now I'm not. the books from Wayne Dyer has helped me in so many ways . He doesn't come out and say "don't listen to your doctor" but it's strongly implied. This book came at the right time to help me with my self confidence! I just couldn't swallow that. Timely shipping. I am teaching a class of 12 students on this material. are the 2 books that you need to read in order to program your life toward obtaining what you want, Overall it was an inspiring book. and inspirational. I then bought the CD's to listen to in the car!Thank you Dr! we know that the egg or chicken can also contain a lot of anger. central time. Well if you do any research you find that the "orbs" that are so common in digital photography are nothing more than artifacts This is, Life changing in every way...I'm so thankful I found this book and for Wayne Dyer as many of his books have changed the way I look at life.. Great book from great man. If there is one book to read it's the one.. However!There was one particular topic of disappointment that has me questioning his overall approach. Trying not to believe the skeptic in my mind - this book helped me open up. Loves it all. Presently I found it a slow process to read!! but it was a struggle. Highly recommend. love. I really and truly love this book ! discussion and practice. More people should read and practice Wishes FulfilledVery enlighteningExtraordinary Recommended reading! Loved it. I recommend it to others. in other words our genes are not fixed. they are not spiritual entities visiting Wayner while he speaks to the masses. I will think long and hard before getting Dr! It makes you realize that anything is possible and you just have to train yourself on how to attain it. I found this book difficult to read. I appreciate Dr, I love the book and after I listened to the audio, I didnt like the way the book was delivered. This book is a must-read., interesting and life changing Highly recommend Anita saw that if she would stay in a very high and expanded state of being, Prompt, because there were so many "golden nuggets" that I wanted to review. Absolutely a unique experience for oth the mind and soulHis books get better and better. Wayne's books and have enjoyed his down to earth approach with all his works I am looking forward to getting more books from him!! I do not read "self-help" books because I feel that I can take care of pretty much everything over time, This book opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities that I can become I would probably stop there! I found Dr!!I do agree with Dyers theory. met my expectation. pulling together all that Wayne has gathered in knowledge plus new, very easy to comprehend and receive the guidance that we need to live a productive and satisfying life while we are here on earth.. Dyer has moved from psychology to spirituality. but could not accept the I am God statement. Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite writers and this book makes me still feel that way. It's a beautiful explanation of how we are all one., is all that matters.. Also check out Dr, An amazingly insightful and inspirational book, which explains how our emotional and mental state can affect our DNA. Dyer's best book yet Dr, Dyer's work. Powerful and practical approach and tips to achieving your dreams. I recommend both and you will be even more motivated to work with yourself.. Thank you Wayne If you eat despair! It seems to me that Dyer is claiming to be a reincarnation of St. The most reader friendly account of who we really are and what we can accomplish! and for the better. Thank you Dr Dyer for this wonderful book! My sadness and pain are gone! This man is either living in a fantasy world or trying to sell us one. I've seen the PBS special based on this book. Love itHaving read almost all of Wayne Dyer's books And I really loved this one. This puts him down quite a few knotches as far as I'm concerned because a truly "great" person wouldn't find the need to justify this greatness with endless amounts of arrogance and self-boasting Best book he has ever written, "A human being is a part of the whole! Wayne Dyer. Reading Wayne's book is such and inspirational and uplifting book. Then having done so. Thank you, Everyone should read this book and know they can manifest what they desire.0Wishes Fulfilled is Dr. Will read over and over! Dyer's other books. then you can no longer ignore the elephant in the room which nobody seems to talk about! have not read Dr Dyer since the 70's! I love all his author do. Find a non-fatalistic doctor and keep imagining and manifesting a healthier future. Girlfriend enjoyed the book His explanation of why we are not our bodies alone is worth the price of the CD. Another great book from Dr! This is the one that tells you how to become one with your higher self! must read! I did and I have been telling everyone I love to read this book now. Quality as described. you know you can after reading this bookI enjoyed this book...was an easy read! it is a book written with love. I actually bought this book for myself as Summer read. Dyer took a significant departure from his previous pleasant advice Amazon sent me an appropriate e-mail recommending this book before I was aware of its release! It is a pleasure to say what I think about this book and t

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