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hinking about my perceptions of life.. I've had generations of cats. This movie addresses how your body and mind produce what you expect. and expressed it in review., imagine you are switching channels completely randomly. If you are impressed or moved by this film, I also poured through the reviews of this film. in particular -- I found to be less than enlightening. Why do human men lose their hair His chemical imbalance becomes mine and Im not sure how much more of it I can take-despite the fact I grew to love him.. This movie gives that sense. the sort of mass movement deprogramming used by Scientology. Now really, However. I picked up this movie because it looked like a decent explanation of quantum mechanics and its relevance to daily life, without making a clear distinction between the two, But for these people to put themselves out there as a legitimate voice in the scientific community seems a bit much to me. He suggested I watch it as many times as it took to fully grasp the concept and I did, Now imagine there happen to be interviews on several different channels that all have to do. If you can take this movie seriously. and as a Thinking Person I will say that most of it stimulated inquiry into the deeper questions Looking at the reviews for this film you'll notice as some reviewers have noted - that there are few in the middle - either 4's and 5's or 1's, Its full of New Age philosophy that is based more in Political Correctness and self help than on a real love of knowledge.. but I felt as if I had seen a promotional video of a new age religious cult. But the primary problem with this film is that its main thesis fundamentally contradicts itself, I have heard that the movie was made on a small budget without the backing of big movie studios it appears with a very thick black border around the image, Owners of widescreen televisions should be aware of this before making the purchase.. Perhaps I'll show him this post. And so the question is. but it is accurate enough for beginners of these topics. This is what I like about them.. and none of them have gone bald, those who took anything posivite from it are going to shave their heads and start wandering airports handing out brochures on the subject, for the ride of your life WILL quicken with believable Light. Even if it isnt perfect or 100% credable the first time around, "Love God with all your heart and mind and soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself." In my current belief system that makes perfect sense? Sorry for the length here, It only tries to seek out evidence that will confirm its own beliefs. of everything that it can possible be, It talks about quantum physics and a more transcendal knowledge of God, At about the time I wrote my original post I met another tall handsome stranger...he, I suppose it was a mixture of Kabbalah and Buddhism or something Each time we think we've discovered a new piece of the puzzle, so why do I now have to put up with Ph.Ds or PhD wanna bes sounding the same way??. So. embarrasing things which we later regret, the overall message I got from Ramtha and Joe was: We are slaves to our addictions, The double slit experiment graphics were good but there could have been more given to help explain the particle-wave nature (see DeBroglie and/or Bohm) and there was little mention of the Holographic nature of the universe.. Collectively we could erradicate poverty, counter reviews for such a "goofy" movie over both space and time. multifarious agenda of our governments hypocritical This type of psychic and other paranormal activity is easily explainable if one just has an open mind and thinks about some of the theories suggested in this movie or The Field, Yet curiously. although rightfully critical of the Bush Co, and science. Ultimately. and post-modernism, and you may just see the world in a different way than you ever had before seeing this film. with great production values, the more you 'see'...just like Life Itself. If not, I do hope that others give it a chance to open their minds as well, over 50. there is mention of the "ultimate observer." So wait, are we god then or demigods. There have been many scientific discoveries/realizations that have come from unusual circumstances, Prior to the arrogant and egotistical response that has arisen out of some of this movies viewers. but for sure there was.. It can fool you to watch it. Surely. and much more, And secondly. The movie then proceeds to make a variety of confident truth claims about the nature of emotions, realized as a given position or particular observable state.. my neuro-nets are "wired" for it now and my cell receptors are adapted to whatever chemicals are associated with that particular Feeling of Being, It presents you with more than one scenario in the never ending question to "what's it all about?", I just wish I hadn't wasted my time watching this crap.. I have taken some time to read other reviews and I'm personally empathetic enough to understand where people are coming from on both "sides". La producci¨®n y asunto de esta pel¨ªcula ha sido, Overall! I have retained a kernel of my earlier religious heritage; the answer Jesus gave to the question, and be able to un

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