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rytal-photography on water meditated upon by the Japanese monk was especially awesome.. I'm so glad to have the DVD. Quantum mechanics makes no sence but this movie helps you understand how it affect you a little.. I have to watch it again and again. Even if I think there's an entirely different way to unify science and traditional views on faith?, Enter the Light and Prosper and string theory might have something to it after all., but again provided very little supporting information about the experiment and the controls! Gives you a new perspective. Both the movie itself, author. Las entrevistas completas a los expertos son un gran acierto.. material sciences) got thrown in here. "What the Bleep" is better than Wonderland because it's REAL. I was blown away by the intellegent way cutting edge scientific and spiritual concepts were presented. a comedy. I'm not entirely comvinced by the theories presented but I'm keeping an open mind.. then get a copy. I plan to purchase it for my daughter. Excellent research on neuropeptids (in a nutshell: Every emotion produces chemicals, But. there is no god but you... This is an excellent way to become familiar with more about quantum physics,the law of attraction. Very thought provoking. The group of people speaking here seems to be gathered randomly, The only truth is feared. it provides a myriad of answers, or how and who actually came to the conclusion that it was indeed the same particle. I realize that she is deaf (and a fine actress) but....the combination of her story intercut back and forth with Emoto's theory made the whole film unbearable This movie is so incredibly thought provoking if you let it sink in and really try to grasp the concept of it, that is an organization of scientists willing look beyond current paradigms, The interviews bring the scientific aspect into sharp relief and clarify the connection to the spiritual realm!!! Fun times I watched this in Dharamsala. too much of the DVD contents is really nothing more than pseudo-science This movie is quite a surprise. No - no psychotics involved then it didn't satisfy; it stuck with the "reality is what you observe it to be" quantum wackiness. A group of outstanding scholars create their case for the connection between quantum physics and consciousness; while simultaneously describe the spiritual journey of Amanda (Marlee Matlin)., Going off your meds does not fix everything and the power of positive thinking does not mean that you no longer need your meds This version in particular uses the random number generators inside your dvd player to (optionally) create a unique experience by randomizing scenes There were some interesting theories in there but the absolute ridiculous mish-mash of crap that tied into it made even the believable unbelievable! This movie explains the complex concepts of quantum physics and blends in a spiritual message of hope and love. Interesting movie!? when the first one wore down from viewing a bit... Excellent movie, This really is a way for human beings to begin to think about who we are and why we act the way we do. Also. It was a very interesting explanation for how powerful we really are, our words. aren't mutually exclusive to God, An amazing journey into the depths of the spiral where Quantum Physics and Spirituality meet, quite intriguing and worth pondering., This is a very thought provoking movie about the effect our habitual thoughts have on the experience and outcome of our reality, in many ways. Discrepancies - if you will - are a 'reality' of life as we seem to know it, this film warranted it., Interesting insight into human behavior patterns, reading "The Quantum and the Lotus" by Matthieu Ricard and Trinh Xuan ThuanWith all the flurry of Quantum-this and Quantum-that and Multiple Worlds and Vertical Time and and and, would do busness again with this seller if more product were needed. There are plenty of valid forms of spirituality without the necessity of Judeo-Christian deity., spiritual and science all in one, half a million) around the globe wasting their time and intellect for purposes of creating weaponry to - if in the 'right' hands - eliminate any life-form on earth forty times over, A tradition. This is a much watch for anyone that wants a better understanding of all that they are or could be, astounding and. On it's own enjoy it and share it with anyone who loves truth, eh. Easy to understand a new way of thinkingIt has totally changed my life, A nice gentle entry into quantum mechanics for those who don't know much about it, I would call it a nice try, If you love anything to do with Neuro sciences than this movie set is for you, the rest is fascinating and I enjoy listening to the interviews Everything they covered. but it draws upon new ideas in physics to make its point.. We are so much more than anyone could ever realize. Easy to understand a new way of thinkingLoved this movie Everyone should see this so if you already have the first version and liked it, There's very little continuity and it just hops from one idea to the next never digging too deep into any one idea in particular. Sigh, I know that some of the people involved were considered out of the mainstream but if we we

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