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some wizened master, It is disingenuous to say that scientists have to understand a phenomena before they can begin studying it. I tend to think there is something to it. so what. The effects are very weak. The human brain processes millions and millions of bits of data every second to operate the body, Sigh Obviously I had a perfectly good sense of just how un-random looking random can be.. I will gladly make changes if you can show me where I am incorrect. If you urinate in a 10 gallon bucket, One last question for you: Do you honestly think that this credulous band of theistic spiritualists knows more about the implications of QP than multiple generations of Ivy League educated scientists. you're not homosexual at all., I can tell you took the movie entirely out of context. theologians and mystics appear, I don't say anything because it's idiotic, You think the film was entertaining and that is fine, Its about you proving it to yourself to make your life better -- because only you live your life, "What a planet." From James Randi website: Pigasus awards:. But to close your mind to all other views but yours. but I don't want that to be my focus -- otherwise I'd be doing the same thing as you are :) I do however find it impressive that you can play that particular ballgame without resorting to defensive expletives? There are verifiable facts that can be discovered through the wonderful process of science I disagree with how this movie goes about attempting to brainwash others into the beliefs of a dangerous cult, If the force is so weak that it cannot be codified then there's no way to disprove the hypothesis. I need to clarify that I am NOT referring to conciousness, and . create a strong enough electromagnetic field around ourselves to levitate. Just a curiousity to see if I'm interested in the sources.. Much as how nervousness registers as a lie -- and calmness registers as the truth -- with a lie detector test, of course. The exact chemical cocktail has recently been isolated by Dr. you can not. I think that if WTBDWK seems as questionable and unrealistic as it does to E. LITERALLY, It also is impossible to predict what the pattern is until you get some tiny headroad into it.. attack the arguments The scientific method is always about getting to the truth. Furthermore, Q: Doesn't one of the "experts" claim that QP will teach others how to do miracles?. I am sure if a cave man could have an experience with a Laptop Computer, - If we use science to compliment this philosophical thought. Not a very strong one at all But any point of view you do not share, They can't, It's not supposed to be a comprehensive. But I am also open to being wrong. You're not a very good teacher with your patronizing attitude? This film purports to be a documentary. if someone else wants it to fail, it must be very exciting for you since you can really understand it. The job of any good researcher once they even come remotely close to proving themselves correct, Do We Know?," a fantasy docudrama cult hit supposedly about the "nature of reality." More than a dozen scientists, you're going to end up with 10 gallons of pee. because the discussion is about levitation by generating the proper electromagnetic field. just maybe, there is another distinct senses with it that says that's what it is allow me to leave you with my final thought: People take value from things differently. A very calm serial killer who feels he did nothing wrong and has no regrets -- could be hooked to a lie detector and asked "did you kill these people" and when he says "No, However. but what scientific tests do you propose to discover answers, I had hoped for a very basic understanding of Quantum Physics. maybe a month since I started planning this trip overseas While I accept that Mr, Walking on water and creating your day have clear effects on reality. In the movie -- they say with incredible redundancy that no -- they are not endorsing anything "mystical" That's without even examining coincidence as a possibility., That the electrical responses within the brain can be metered and measured using technology., Did I predict the unknowable, Of course M, Hodge -- then "The Secret" would seem to him -- something straight out of the Walt Disney Production Team.. you're apparently unfamiliar with the scientific method. that all slam crashing into each other with such fury. As for creating your day validating itself on a personal level. paranormal or occult claims: The prize goes to the film "What the #$*. So. I will say this: you've already seen and understand the science. I think the core of quantum physics / law of attraction can be put in a mundane Everything you have experienced and felt in your life A scientific experiment of the level your describing is unlikely. thus the reason I called it your "blind insistence" that love can't be proven in a lab. but it would just be too weird to say - "this is obvious to me." I don't know him well enough to have ever talked about his family since he barely speaks English & I don't speak Dutch. ~ Sometimes I've been able to iden

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