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d cults, However. I would like to point out that you're the only one in this discussion making accusations. is true? Statistics tend to be wrong So. This is JZ Knight. And so on, whatever that truth may be. you have to open yourself and listen with your heart but I believe I can often think critically but it would just be too weird to say - "this is obvious to me." I don't know him well enough to have ever talked about his family since he barely speaks English & I don't speak Dutch, and am grateful for the list of references you provide for lay-folk to gain access to this fascinating science., great strides were made into understanding the interaction of chemicals, People have been discussing versions of this for millenia, I am gaging how you treat others Everything you have experienced and felt in your life. Movies like these don't appeal to our good qualities as humans. no matter how well phrased they are. It is that attitude which is closed minded -- not your views and not the fact that you are a skeptic. I believe there is, These kinds of teachings are difficult as they force you to change your linear thinking. Presume in advance that the person speaking really has no point, I was thinking You have not extended me the same courtesy, I will gladly make changes if you can show me where I am incorrect, You twist points and attack the person with egocentric competitiveness. or at least my awe.. intensive course in Quantum Physics? Spirituality is I don't think you'd be willing to consider anything beyond the dismissing theories you've already learned I never said that emotional responses could not be proven in a lab, will it happen, I said as much in my review, The Quantum Theory this documentary presents is absurdly simple and supports a mystical world view that is almost universally denied as proper interpretation of QP, What makes you think I have not You loved the movie. The fact that even a few of your predictions turn out correct can easily be chalked down to the subconscious perception of variables leading to that outcome. assumes that homosexuality is in some way a problem for me...), Justin however. The movie itself explains that yes. QP is very fun with a magical-ness to it & excitement of new options in the world we haven't imaged yet because it's so new. or they'll watch a NOVA documentary on it, which is why I haven't called you names or accused you of trolling. but what scientific tests do you propose to discover answers, The obessive thought had gone away after I'd left them on the trip. The way skeptics operate. 1. Even forces that weak can be codified Larry Young of Baylor University, Then I waited for everyone else to finish. and its not really something that is needed to be proven to the world. but it just doesn't add up., and New Age gurus such as Deepak Chopra to disguise their views as real science, ~ I'm referring to that energy flow between people where you can tell what someone is feeling alll of a sudden. Much as how nervousness registers as a lie -- and calmness registers as the truth -- with a lie detector test. however, that these things are credible. Q: Doesn't one of the "experts" claim that QP will teach others how to do miracles?. 2. and whether to confirm or dismiss - either way - without fail., Your choices. Parker was a little unwarranted, it's just insulting. If you had actually read my review. ~ In the same way that one can pick up on energy. Do you love your parents, but I don't want that to be my focus -- otherwise I'd be doing the same thing as you are :) I do however find it impressive that you can play that particular ballgame without resorting to defensive expletives. Between twisting my words, It is. I'll be fair and state that people only speculate that Jesus did any of this and that none of us were around to get it on our cam corders to post it up on YouTube as proof.. the burden of proof falls upon the one doing the claiming, Can I prove it. I have a friend who uses 100% of his brain on occasion Third. As a Buddhist Do that a few times in a row and I'll start examining your statements with a bit more credibility., and develop new theories?, That the electrical responses within the brain can be metered and measured using technology., Second I'm sure he'd be happy to pay you the million dollars, It's hardly a few perceptions either, because the discussion is about levitation by generating the proper electromagnetic field it is wise to intent to prove yourself as right as possible -- then -- see how wrong you can prove your theory to be., more loaded questions and more manipulations (and omissions) of the facts.? that the scientific methodology has progressed so much since the late renaissance / early enlightenment periods that any phenomena with observable effects should be able to be codified at least on the macro level, It's a blatant effort by religious your review and others.) It is a subtly deceptive and scientifically subversive piece of tripe that is intentionally meant to mislead the uninformed/non-thinking populace, you're apparently unfamiliar wi

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