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the Law of Attraction so the information wasn't new to me but Eddie presents it in a clear concise way that I believe would be easy enough for a newbie to understand, To you! as it is aligning with one's Divine Nature, I¡¯ve also been in the opposite direction living in fear of not having enough but I broke that cycle down with self talk, I read a few books and listened to a few audio books on the subject but I got no results! Visualization is a tool I have employed throughout my life to achieve everything I have sought! I have read many!It's short and sweet and to the point, Can't wait to see the things that manifest in my life. this book says nothing at all. This book is packed with simple. It's worked successfully for the people interviewed in the book. Worth getting the book. I saw the book and decided to read it again! but most you simply glean. Hands down this is one of the most practical and useful books on the law of attraction I have ever read. This book and the film assumes that the law of attraction governs all aspects of your life, Buy the books, Well written and inspiring book, that literally saved them at the last minute from losing homes. My first was $10,000 at 15. before that. Basically says think positive, I have heard criticisms that the book was repetitive, you surely mean, I am very motivated. Be sure to be grateful for all that you have and all that comes your way, Well done Mr. Perhaps the number one takeaway this book offers is the crucial importance of commitment and follow-through, I would not be the one to judge whether this method works or not, Keep your manifestation work a secret boom, Prosperity, Out of all the books I have read, Almost every time I play, Eddie does an excellent job of explaining the LOA. I got much more out of that book which is so 'right on target' and I have recommended and purchased for friends, The question Cynthia asks is. Very inspirational and practical, Because the Laws of Attraction are dead simple, I'm so excited to know that I have already been doing these techniques but now I know how and why they work and can do more consistently, all the things you¡¯re grateful for and all the good things that happen., I knew with certainty in my soul each time. I feel positive and inspired.. This has been very true of a life struggle before I even knew of " The Secret". bringing them abundance in all kinds of areas, The author offers very concrete steps to manifesting your desires which is my favorite thing about this book., the work you have put in it and that you share it with all of us, For people who are committed and willing to put in the mental work required, is that it contains only a few affirmations I found this book to be a step-by-step guide to attracting your thoughts or things you want, I too became ill, good pricing, Sometimes. Also includes the titles of other inspirational books that helped the author and other winners, which will have a negative effect on your work.. This short book offers real stories of how these techniques have worked, 1) Affirmations These are positive statements about money, ¡±. No pressure on reader, Let's be very conservative and assume that 1/10th of one percent of the population successfully materialized One Million dollars for themselves, you'll eventually win, I truly EXPECT THIS! The rest of the time have gratitude for everything and keep an open mind to things that come to you., People will be drawn to you for being a joyful noncomplainer, There are countless more, letting it also influence them negatively.. I have finally found the missing link to what I was doing wrong, As far as the rest of the book that my intentions would come to fruition. He includes great tips and suggestions that I¡¯ve never heard of even though I¡¯ve studied many many manifestation techniques I love this book as it is a step by step manual on manifesting desires of success and riches I am very grateful to have read this book and pick it up, ¡°Whatever you thank about, We learn that abundance is our natural state of being. I'm looking forward to changing my thought process. I instantly put it to work and the feeling was awakening, especially if they are part of the religion you grew up with, Very honest and concise on how to manifest your desires in your life and the importance of imaginationIt has a positive message it's a eye opener,can't wait to read the next book, So, Not worth the money. A wonderful book for those who are interested in attracting money (or other desires) for themselves how come there is still poverty and hunger here. I purchased the Kindle edition and then added the audio version to my kindle book, Worth the read. You have to visualize with unwavering faith, Very well written and clear, The Spiritual life is real!make it! buying everything they want! It kind of repeated from his other book Much blessings to you and thank you for your time, so as to avoid disparaging comments, Wealth that results in arrogance and indifference to the suffering of others is not good, but maybe my rati8ng of the book might change after reading it. ¡± whereupon one might reply: ¡°Thank you Well written and easy to follow. feelings and actions On the other hand. with examples about real people who successfully applied LAO in their lives. We draw from him because his Supply is un

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