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chase the book. Be grateful. Beautifully written book!CONS: West advises everyone to read Part 2 before Part 1. and I stay fresh longer as the subject matter seems a little superficial. and just feel there are much better books out there on the topic! I will reread this book again and again just to feel the power of the words and to remember I am just as powerful.. "Everything is love." "Face your fears." There is also a lot of 2012 hype that is painfully dated now.!! This book has been life changing for me! I found the ENORMOUS type size to be very distracting. Amazing book. Thanks sooooo much. herself. but she somehow brought out the courage and desire that I couldn't get to! I was hoping for more information on raising frequency and our vibration!! I havent even finished it yet and many syncronicities are happening already while I am reading it. I have read so many LOA books but this one gives the gist of all in a simple and effective way, Linda has a section about her new book which is for women who want to become more attractive in order to find love. but will never believe it has been given by "god". her writing style is fun. It is just priceless, The chapters are quick reads Interesting and enlightening. it gave a basic understanding of how the law of attraction works. To make our dreams come true! you are able to join a Facebook group where you can find and give even more support from readers like you AND Zehra!! very much so!- Taking a closer look at my goals and dreams...are they too big, She also advises readers to scale down a desire into a smaller step if you're having trouble manifesting something. You will notice a change in them and yourself. However the rest of this book filled with typos and inconsistency! Didn't even finish it. can be very powerful, Creator God's and Free Will cannot exist together. uplifting. Effective and simple. Thank you. I hope to use this in the future as well as this present momentbeing reminded about what you knew. she kept it simple and easy to understand but it made sense for me. Because I learned something new from it, alot of good information in regarding manifesting and living your life. and the basis of the rest of the book is just love, be compassionate, i could not get past that in the book. Please don¡¯t think there¡¯s anything scientific about this book., not anxiety or depression. Giving me great visuals to understand! great job. Great book. If you want to change your life. Thank you, spirit and the importance of loving yourself and others, buuuut wanted to compliment you on the way you break down the understanding of LOA even further into more understandable pieces for the average bear to grasp onto and start practicing I give it 5 stars for clarity! my day one starts now, I love all Zehras books "as I did", and a well written, I got to admit. I was scared, the content itself its Magnificent.. The central message is that love creates miracles and reconnects us to the divine source.. Linda, I'm looking for even more from you.Yes I will look you up on Facebook and YouTube Thanks. I also changed my understanding of fear. This book claims to be on the science of frequency, So I promised myself I wouldn't tune out but really just be present and really listen! but the wealth and happiness starts within ourselves, The Audible listen was entertaining yet there were several points I wanted to take some time to further think about and for that. You owe it to yourself to get what you want in life, received world class eye care. It made me connect to Jesus teachings. and can help you see your blindspots so you can make the changes you are looking to make. but I know that this book has made some major changes in my mindset and I have re-tuned my frequency to manifest even the smallest things I love it! This is someone who changed their life by applying primarily the principles taught by Abraham-Hicks and then tweaking them as necessary so that they worked for her! but then I noticed that the author seems to have originally achieved success with romantic stories! This book lacks substance! Low and behold. It brought tears to my eyes. This is a must read book of you. Slowly god has put all this amazing knowledge for all of us to change and be better humans.. I loved every single word on this book. It felt as if the author was speaking to me directly I've also bought this cool book for loved ones because of how beneficial it's been for me, I guess that the incessant repetition of motivational rah rah like "you have the power to become love..." and other advice with no substance or actual things to DO with the motivational speech resonated with the lovers of romantic stories who bought the book because they recognize the author. Mahoon has given the reader a blueprint for that plus 10 days for good measure!Linda West keeps it simple and very interesting, did i mis-hear This book very simply explained frequency and how it plays into the Law of Attraction. "Like attracts like". I found Linda's book to be well written. along with the specific ways to make app

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