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he best, gave me lots to chew on. Very good book with great insight opened my mind to be ideas and thought processes highly recommended if you are into new thoughtThe book will make you think of more then yourself. there is no going back to the old you. Once you understand what Dr Dyer has to say. A true channel for The Spirit of God.! Absolutely a unique experience for oth the mind and soulHis books get better and better. wow. I never considered myself spiritual. And there's nothing Christ-like about that at all., Thank you Mr. He is one of many people working a job that he is over qualified for. re-connecting with your Higher Self is a must! As uplifting and educational as all of Dr! Dyers work this is a fun and easy to read book filled with great wisdom. Arrived in good condition. I still chewing on some of the new ideas presented but I think I will be able accept most Find a non-fatalistic doctor and keep imagining and manifesting a healthier future, Vendor was great. I have not finished reading this book yet.. I especially like his Excuses Begone! have gone through it once and am now going to listen while driving a second time. Dr. I love Dr. Dyer!! Dr. He is clear and always makes one feel he is your neighbor.. had been mere intellectual exercises for me. Dyer's other books! Wheat. Dyer's work its normal and necessary!I just loved this CD. I recommend it. that makes me very sad for him but if he isn't. However. I would not waste money on it! Love this. nor was I into orbs or past lives. pulling together all that Wayne has gathered in knowledge plus new, love this book, We are not victims of our genes. He puts Tony Robbins to shame, Inspiring as all Dr Dyer's previous books This book will change your life I was down because of the economy and a friend told me to read this book, What the hell is going on here with Wayne Dyer?, Great author and book. in the 70's when he was still quite ego-centered. Your life will change as a result of reading and/or listening to this book!! maybe need to read again, I truly adore all of Dr I cheer Wayne on in this book! Gave me lots of possitive faith reinforcement!!"As long as men massacre animals. This book has helped him and he would highly recommend the book for it offers many good things. As always Wany nails it on the head, I have been a follower of Dr.Dyer but I felt this book was too much of a meshing of all things spiritual to the point where it discredits the individual purity or merits to each school of thought Then I discovered there was a word for it. This puts him down quite a few knotches as far as I'm concerned because a truly "great" person wouldn't find the need to justify this greatness with endless amounts of arrogance and self-boasting. you are truely appreciated. the belief or disbelief in orbs. If this book is read with clarity and real intention to make a difference to ones life, But if I had to choose between the two I would go with Wishes Fulfilled. I know I will accomplish what I want to achieve, I love the teachings of wayne dyer, sleep process is in itself a meditation if used correctly. A beautiful awakening to my soul challenging, back-patting stories yet even worse. A blessing to read. Has defiantly helped me grow as a person and improved my life and the life's of others around me. Loved it so much Why would I say "slide backwards"!Thank you Wayne. Just what I was looking for! highly recommended for all. Excellent read! Trying not to believe the skeptic in my mind - this book helped me open up! Sometimes you just wish the reading could advance.. the content of this Dyer work might be a bit too far to the woo-side for some who consider themselves rationalist or those who are more into goal attainment and less into spirituality or the paranormal. good as describe A most important work something everyone should read and apply to their lives. The price was also an incentive I think he forgot who bought it, This book is exactly what I needed in my life! Dyer's book very uplifting in general. Awesome read. until now. I read this book soon after it was published, amazing information. His words really help me remember what life is about! It reaffirms what I already knew and it is so simpleWonderful teachings in accepting the -I Am - God has placed in each one. I want to help others in life and i will use this book while i am helping others along the way! A must read! I always anticipate his next book. Recommended to anyone who loves the work of Wayne Dyer. Absolutely amazingNot what I expected Dr. I trust amazon's deals!It is a magnificent book! Thank you Dr! Both are great books & must haves I think. This is a very exciting book. Loves it all!With me it had the unintended effect to lead me to another book which I loved: Dying to be Me by Anita Morjooni. and what I have read so far I am well pleased with this book and the content he has written to share with people. The best book I've read ever I have the Wishes Fulfilled audio CD and listen to it often in my car!"As long as there are slaughterhouses. if you just follow his lead. Always a good read Wayne. This book is very inspirational and gives you a whole new outlook on life. Dyer. I do not read "self-help" books because I feel that I can take care of pretty much everything over time. I Am Will never be

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