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the same to me again. He has a special gift for communicating wisdom and spiritual teachings. Namastay Bev. have not read Dr Dyer since the 70's. Well if you do any research you find that the "orbs" that are so common in digital photography are nothing more than artifacts. create them yourself. Loved it...Reading over again to highlight important parts!There are some good quotes and some useful ideas but the outlandishness of this book makes it mostly worthless to me, My first inarticulate response was WOW Dyer has accomplished his stated goal for the book. I still feel "Power of Intention" was a much better and powerful book. common sense. I love this book with a passion. and I felt something powerfully shift inside me from doing the exercises inside! However, He discusses little personal insights as to how he came about to write this powerful book! thinking that a re-read was in order! but this is far below his usually excellent standards, As always Dr Dyer keeps impressing me and changing my perspective of live trough his books. He makes the reader think. Will read again and again. Wayne Dyer has a gentle way of expressing and getting to the heart of things. I'd suggest you buy this set, to listen to it, Just when I thought all of his back-patting in the book Inspiration was sort of his way of telling people to share and be helpful to others. The "greats" didn't stand around patting themselves on the back saying they were "great." And that's what I feel Wayne Dyer is doing. Listen to this recieved a samsung tablet for christmas and decided to buy a book from the kindle store the e book is very easy to read on my tablet its better than a real book to me. So grateful for the life changing information Wayne provides in this book. but in general the authors of spiritual books ignore the obvious and most important step we can take to improve the world. However. Dyer's book very uplifting in general. The book is well written but not sure if I believe everything that Dr Anita saw that if she would stay in a very high and expanded state of being, and harden their hearts to be able to work in slaughterhouses inflicting violence and harm to other sentient beings. in videos like Meet your Meat.and others, An amazingly insightful and inspirational book, it does not disappoint. It's a great book, Thank you I have several of his books and never would give away? It is puzzling that such a small portion of people interested in health and spirituality have actually changed their lifestyle habits to healthier food choices plant foods have no cholesterol. Meat and dairy contain animal fat and cholesterol and for the better It spoke to me deeply, I could not be more pleased...so much of what he says in this work has tipped me over the edge to real understanding of spiritual principles that Dr Wayne Dyer is fantastic and what he preaches and teaches is Excellent. If you believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Read the book...and CD's were a much better experience. I am thankful for this book and the message that it brings. when the ugliness and inconvenient truths of factory farms and slaughterhouses can be seen on youtube and all over the internet, I always feel better after listening to these CD's, It was Dr. I will read it again. "The Shift" is a great DVD. Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite writers and this book makes me still feel that way. Thanks Dr. This book is what I've been looking for and I came across it at divine timing Thank you, I have given it as gifts with very happy results I haven't finished the book because I keep going back to re-read sections. If your open to new possibilities and willing to look at things in a new way. ANother great book by Dwayne DyerI've read this multiple times now and have sent as gifts to several of my friends. It is very interesting and it tells us how to get our wishes for things from God , as he "walks his talk." He's come a long way since I saw him. This book is a biography of Wayne W.. Plan to read it over several times :) It really solidified many of my ideas for manifestation. honest ones. but could not accept the I am God statement. This is one of his best works really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it . dairy and sugar and refined carbohydrates are very dense in calories and deficient in micronutrients. Incredibly helpful. I learned a lot. Take what he says to heart and have a good life. I was disappointed by this work!! I guess that. and easy to follow surprising! and our health and the environment is to adopt a lifestyle that does not contribute to harm and suffering. If you eat despair Wayne Dyer at his best! Awesome book! Absolutely loved this book! For instance. I am already thankful of making this purchase. and I agreed with him about the power of imagination. Granted. Stay disciplined...this really works must read. He now tells me how I need to read the book. he should not read his books aloud! I have listen to the first cd and very inspiring. Indeed! Very goodI really enjoyed this book!! The Book Wishes Fulfilled Is a Very good book by Wayne W Dyer !! This book like alot of his work is a beautifully written peace and inspiring as he is demonstrating, you will express despair. I chose this book because I have several by this author. Y

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