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e roles of our body. Everyone needs to read these books!I believe in free will. best thing is that Zehra is there to guide us!! the visualization/manifestation method (which is not even part of the book!A quick read. Of all the books I have read over the course of earning two degrees in English and teaching it fir 12 years. But the book is crazy amazing making realize that in order to manifest something that there are three parts of you that must want that one thing you hope to manifest. Be there in your mind. I couldn't find any desire that all three parts agreed on! Great workbook to use on a daily basis to help you get pointed in the right direction to achieve what it is that you would like to achieve!!That very question caused me to examine what my true feeling were in relation to my intentions. Manifestation of any desire can be brought into fruition with the right frequency and this is exactly what Linda West lays out in this book The Frequency, how etc. and that was the only value I found in this book.. I took some time to do what she suggested:. I am subscribed to your YouTube channel and cant wait to do more work, It trains you to have better thoughts and it works It is filled with helpful tools to get you started on the path to great enlightenment. Great book. amazing to see how you can use your mind to attract what you want in life!I ordered this little book on my kindle during a somewhat dark!! I am an older! readers get the bonus of free coaching from the author via a closed Facebook group, This book is ABSOLUTELY AMAZZZING...I couldn't put it down. i really really liked her and believed her philosophy. The only real substance of the book! something to help me cultivate my connection to all that is good within me. These are the life changing steps that everyone seems to talk around but never actually speaks about directly, It provides an accurate perception about what is happening in our world today.. I enjoyed her perspective on how to manifest what you want in your life easily when you harbor thoughts of love - the highest frequency. herself. I love the structure of writing down things to love and appreciate everyday. I'm living my dreams now. yet so profound "White Eagle" just seems to be saying everything Ab Hicks does. I was missing a vital step that West points out in this book: getting to the highest frequency possible, This book is a general. The "things" are merely that...things, Short and sweet, Typical law of attraction stuff you can find anywhere. This is an excellent book about the art and practice of manifestation, Great content. I used the Audible app so I could listen on my commute! As for the content. Read this book and you will know what to do. She breaks everything down so it's simple to understand. Love your books, This book also prepares you for living a happy lifd, It will lift you and guide you in the most positive direction in life Just forgive.! This book is filled with so much love and enlightenment, I like everything about this book and I would recommend it to anyone who's on a spiritual path But it is not in these "things" that we find happiness, It becomes obvious that Linda West is not really have the level of knowledge and expertise on the law of attraction to be making such claims, my day one starts now. If you are ready, It is not given or offered. Not a book for Agnostic people. I've also bought this cool book for loved ones because of how beneficial it's been for me, Highly recommend. The rest is filler. ill stick to my abraham hicks books, I began to see the world through new eyes and take control of my mental and spiritual health! If you want to change your life, If someone says or does something that is unkind or irritating instead of thinking evil thoughts right away. appreciation and law of attraction, This book lacks substance. the print version was helpful. This book found me and I enjoyed every moment. but world Create whatever you want! you cannot deny the message of Love! I find I get a much better sleep when I intend to do so! and yet feel as if I'm relearning many things I've pushed aside! If you've been feeling stuck and a little confused about your direction in life. This book helped to align it all for me. she expresses the wisdom of Abraham's teachings correctly. Coupled with the facebook group its like having a personal law of attraction coach. Also Basically it is a long, Stay out of fear I will read it againI have read a lot of law of attraction books and this is one of the better ones! Because I learned something new from it, Many of which were answers to questions I have been pondering The book is written is a very immature tone. It is more like a step by step into actually obtaining what we are pursuing.. I got to admit. We often feel like somthing isn't quite right in our lives but we don't know what or how to fix it, Not much guidance on manifestation other than what it helps with. Really appreciate the authors commitment. When I first tried to read this book I found the writing style in the first few pages to be disconcer

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