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in the religious aspect of it. Thank you for this book. I am definitely on a higher vibrational level, You owe it to yourself to get what you want in life. You can really feel the passion from Linda and her work on the correlation between frequency, Luckily for those of us who would like one. On a more personal note, great job, Creator God's and Free Will cannot exist together. Highly informative, It's nice to have someone to help us develop a new practice when we are wanting to truly create the lives we came to create, love is god. Still I enjoyed it. Someone referred me to this book and I tell you what. It is short and an easy read, I did feel her approach was simpler and more enlightening, The chapters are quick reads. Thank you Linda, recognize the frequency within you. Be grateful, i read it all in one time, Most people become interested in the Law of Attraction because they want to manifest something BIG. ChannelingI enjoyed everything the author had to offer. I would recommend this work for an explanation sorely needed on how to access all we desire and achieve that which makes us happy. but the wealth and happiness starts within ourselves. Read this book and you will feel pure Joy. I was wondering about how it got that many good reviews. Liked the ease of reading difficult concepts that help you grow. Now I don't hope - I know it will happen. It was a wonderful read. objectively it may seem hard to grasp or a little too much philosophy amd astrology. I am going to go through the 40 days again and again to keep manifesting and practicing the law of attractionI loved the simplicity and ease of the exercises in this book, We are all one and Heaven on Earth becomes viable when a critical mass f Love is achieved on our planet.., Beautifully written book. I strongly recommend purchasing this book and doing the workout, Hers is by far the best plan and ease's to follow, When applied I feel an intense vibration that I¡¯ve never felt before, good for a tune up if you are already knowledgeable about manifesting. Enjoyed it and got some good pointers from it! it is included as a "bonus"), but I know that this book has made some major changes in my mindset and I have re-tuned my frequency to manifest even the smallest things. i could not listen anymore, I do feel better and am noticing how important my own personal thoughts are influencing my life., who just happens to be one of the most powerful angels existing Thanks for being you, Happy manifesting, She also advises readers to scale down a desire into a smaller step if you're having trouble manifesting something. I really enjoyed in debt detail of understanding Frequencies, I gave this book a five star because it is truly a wonderful r read, West also introduced the idea of the triangle: make sure your desire is something your mind but she somehow brought out the courage and desire that I couldn't get to, however the 5 step plan is the same in all 3 books! I recommend this highly, So GRATEFUL & BLESSED that I came across her books...on to her next book, There was also nothing new. attitude and outlook, Enlightening. and that was what I was looking for, I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to create a nice morning routineI really enjoy her books, syrupy rant about love and not much else, Everyone needs to open themselves up to the lessons of this book. This Author captured my attention at the very beginning. A must read.. A life changer.. God Bless the author and much LOVE to all who read this amazing book? Was great going through this, It's simply not scholarly enough from an esoteric point of view to be a book where the word science could be used. In short, Nope. I am eternally grateful for the lessons Zehra has taught me and for my new habits of expressing gratitude and focusing on the good in every situation every day. It brought tears to my eyes, body, the content itself its Magnificent.! Switched to another book that I could follow. and how much more power comes from truly thinking positively.. mind. Icy outthink it's true or not. An added feature to this work book is that you get exclusive membership to Zehra Unlimited Facebook group where she post videos and sometimes video conferencing, As I said her five point technique can be useful.. I just started reading today and I am123 pages into this book. I don't even know what to say about this workbook A fabulous short listen that brings you back to happiness. Those 5 steps to manifestation were truly helpful. Thank You for opening my mind to the universe, It is one of the best purchases I have ever made. digest the material and reflect., I don't know why I didn't know this from the jump., but to feel what love is. A quick internet search would yield the same results if not more. be joyful maybe this time you'll remember it for good and your life will be so wonderfully enhanced, This should be prereq reading for any law of attraction material. That's why I gave it 2 stars instead of one - the exercise could be completely described on a single page. Linda West Love thi

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