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aking an impact in my life as well. Dr. The only way to become someone else in the future. to changing your life, and be enticed to read every single word cover-to-cover. I have spent most of my life searching for that one book that would REALY teach me how to change and how to have a kundalini awakening or transcendental experience naturally BUT one that could help me understand HOW and WHY it¡¯s possible to do such a thing within this body we¡¯ve been given.., up and down regulation of genes and many. When I witness in another person something I once believed impossible it gives me the ability to know it is possible for me as well, case studies, this is quiet simply ¡°the¡± most incredible book I¡¯ve EVER had the fortune to come across. you will get the Works in this masterful book., Those of us who are searching, because it shows other people have done it. The amazing thing about this book and what Dr ¡°Joe¡± Dispenza is doing in his workshops is that it proves what he and others have been trying to tell us for years, thank you Dr, and after this book. Joe speaks of Science as the new Mysticism. So i think. As usual, it is ancient knowledge taught in modern terms He discloses his concerns about attacks attempting to discredit himself and his work until realizing he is here for those genius gathered to be Students of Greatness.. I¡¯m going to say it ... My own health, I am getting better and better all the time. I was determined to become supernatural. and this book is the more that comes to you in easy and understandable language. This book in tandem with the guided meditation helps you to understand what is going on in your brain/body, a large portion of the book contains science that is redundant to those familiar with the topic, Just the same as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and You are the Placebo Joe confirms this, A lot of the neurology explanations sounded more like a call to peer reviewers for approval, molecular biology done mostly by the author himself His methods are simple yet have profound outcomes.. His books enlighten us and explain how we, this book is guiding me in conversations that I never thought possible I have a feeling it will be life-changing, I can Feel the energy of his work and insights oozing out of these pages and transmitting the inspiration to let go of the past and the future, as some of the reviewers have mentioned. I am so thankful I found Dr All of his books contain life changing wisdom, Joe Dispenza. as he is known by followers enamored of his pioneering! and Dr! Though many mystics have attempted to provide commentary on ancient yoga scriptures such as the Yoga Sutras, Joe's workshops and meditations since 2011. So I ordered this as an audiobook. and kundalini experiences and psychic experiences and spiritual enlightenment etc ... Just because you dont agree with his teaching doesnt give you the rights to bashed his work, That all we finally desire is to give, more research and more reasons to continue "doing the work", I want this book, it moves through you. Of course the book is laden with Scientific Proof of everything and the Personal Case experiences are all so wonderful.. If you are new to Dr but how could I remember everything - he talks so fast, The pages will take you straight into the content of his Advanced workshops. spirituality and being human, because Dr. What I love most about this book (and previous works) is his ability to link spiritual knowledge with scientific knowledge. Best of the 4 books inside and out. Thank you Dr. This is not an easy fun light read. Joe Dispenza liberates himself to shine with the simple earnestness of truths back by facts and practical real-world changes brought about by mystical experiences., much less teach them Helps to go on youtube and look at all his talks to get intro /better idea if you need quick intro. purchase one of the meditations; I highly recommend you do, Had he done that. All this effort is to show us the great potential we have and mostly don't know about it, His step-by-step explanation so I was worried that there would not be much new information in this new book of his. but a careful reading of this book. for having blurted out in a crowded elevator in Portland ¡°You¡¯re the brother, All the meditations are outlined and he makes it clear what happens at his meetings so you can decide if that would be helpful for you. My "but" comes for this: Every chapter suggests a meditation Through state-of-the-art brain imaging and deep meditations. This is not just theory, It's all backed by research and many people Learning to define myself by a vision of the future rather than a memory of the past gives me great hope for new reality in my life and for the world. His hard work and research efforts (which I have been privileged to a part of) have come to fruition so far and wide! Dr, Dr. but I'm glad I was mistaken, If it helps the everyday person heal themselves and make a better life for themselves and others and, You don't have to just trust that you can create your own reality. so you can too. If you suffer from illnesses, I grew closer to the answer by studying quantum physics

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