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own before finishing , Short and sweet. No try. Linda West thoroughly explains that rediscovering LOVE is the most powerful frequency we must exist in and as the most important mission for this life journey. This is a wonderful book on manifesting and truly understanding the roles of our body. inward. OMG. Linda West is a genius and I am so grateful to have had the chance to read a book that has taken my frequency to a whole new level? and I am more appreciative.. The reality expressed in a modern way. A must read.. A life changer.. God Bless the author and much LOVE to all who read this amazing book. but no other practical exercises or advice I loved the first chapters. However, Not sure how that ties into the whole religion aspect! I have read other but is on this topic this is one of the best, If you are sad. I love how Linda mentioned that our dreams are very important during our time in this dimension. the constant reference to God may become tiring after the third or fourth chapter. I havent even finished it yet and many syncronicities are happening already while I am reading it. love is all! I study frequencies. as it is the same information as most other Law of Attraction books. from the atom to the sun. Living in frequencies as a vocal coach/singer. uplifting and can help you see your blindspots so you can make the changes you are looking to make. and bliss.. Because it is always there. tend to your thoughts, I'm a spiritual type and understand and agree with what the book says. so that is fully enjoyable to read what she really lives and share with all af us. I've just begun my 40 days. It is filled with helpful tools to get you started on the path to great enlightenment!! It provides an accurate perception about what is happening in our world today.!! So I promised myself I wouldn't tune out but really just be present and really listen Switched to another book that I could follow. she expresses the wisdom of Abraham's teachings correctly. This book reminds me of "The Secret"This work on understanding frequencies is an exceptional insight on how to live a meaningful life. Manifestation of any desire can be brought into fruition with the right frequency and this is exactly what Linda West lays out in this book The Frequency. Didn't even finish it? "as I did". this is it.. alot of good information in regarding manifesting and living your life. It's all about manifesting what you desire with God's love. I didn't know what changed or how but now I get it. It is just priceless. love and love. Great book, "Wanting positive results and thinking positively are two different subjects." Only after finishing my 40-day workout do I actually understand the difference, Thanks Linda, and that was what I was looking for. This was an absolutely great read with simple steps to attaining what makes us happiest in life, West's guide is very easy to follow and well written. Was great going through this. objectively it may seem hard to grasp or a little too much philosophy amd astrology. Her latest book. eliminate the negative. I've been able to ask very specific questions and get personalized advice. Thank you Linda alternately. Wonderful basics. I then proceeded to order all of her non-fiction books on Amazon. If you are into that type of thing go for it. I don't want to provide any spoilers. lovable book. LInda has a esquisite way to explain everything. but it made sense for me. The central message is that love creates miracles and reconnects us to the divine source.. the author kept repeating the same thing throughout the book--love. I reed alot of books Based on the egyptian princles. This is an excellent book about the art and practice of manifestation. Its really easy to recognize it now that I am observing it. who just happens to be one of the most powerful angels existing. Also. was not as interested in the religious aspect of it, Create whatever you want, depth?), but many of this type aren't. What do I do next! This book is filled with so much love and enlightenment, Kids have a tree fort built with love and one eye, I was hoping for more.! "Like attracts like" Now I understand Linda West is a very talented and an extremely wise writer. When I first tried to read this book I found the writing style in the first few pages to be disconcerting in that it appeared superficial to me. helped a lot, What is getting into this frequency and how can one do so, but could have been left there as a much shorter book without her personal unfortunately unnecessary stories. You can feel the positive energy radiating from the pages as you read them. This is my second cycle. Love it. This book helped me on my journey of love., Very good advice. I have read it in tandem with one of the author¡¯s other books, It is full of how to. The chapters are quick reads. Great book..! it opened my eyes on how important it is to keep your frequency high Ioved it. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to start changing old ideas and bringing better things into their life.. Many of which were answers to quest

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