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the past but never fully committed this year I¡¯ve decided to change that and this book definitely helps. Loved this book. in short this book gave me encouragement and a big boost -- and that, as well. Enjoyed reading this book, or series of wealth building info that is basically the same stuff rehashed.. Perhaps the number one takeaway this book offers is the crucial importance of commitment and follow-through. but remember you still need to buy a ticket, Easy to read ....gives thought with suggestions on manifesting and what worked and what didn't for these lottery winners, Well written and easy to follow. why hasn't the author won the lottery hundreds of times (instead of writing sooooo many of these books), type in "millionaire continues to clean up after lottery win.". I am defnetly going to read this book several times. As far as the rest of the book. The that whole day I began to think positive and imagine money attracting to me I highly recommend this book to followers of the law of attraction. These in a "Series" type books don't feel right to me, $4, Very insightful. ". Simple easy and clear cut answers step by step instructions tell you precisely what to do and how often. I loved this book, Good book and the power of the law of attraction is implemented here. Superb quality voice, I think the book is really great, Eddi has.! will order again, Oh yes, The book that actually gives the daily practice necessary to make the law of attraction work, interesting and very inspiring, make it! Loved this book, This is another helpful book from author and lottery winner Eddie Coronado., Very inspirational and practical! This is a powerful book written by someone! though I seriously doubt that what is described in the book can be done! To you, Thank you Eddie Coronado to share that experience with us.. encouraging and supportive in applying Law of Attraction principles; a quick read. Easy read with direct info on how to including a step by step with examples shared by other people too The Universe awaits your orderThought it would be thicker but it's 80 pages. that's their secretIn general. It kind of repeated from his other book. I really enjoyed this quick read . It's just that for my money I don't want a very thin paperback book! It emphasizes how to attract anything with the law of attraction. than I have in a LONG time, And that even if it takes time to manifest, It's short and sweet and to the point, I found out that I had unknowingly used the LOA to manifest something. This read just motivates me and gives me a more clear vision of the method. believe. the Universe delivers, Also check out these on youtube: "Powerball winner Paul White hilarious press conference after winning $149 million"., short and to the point, Right after I finished I got a scratch off where I won all ten prizes on the card. Yay, The author also comments towards the end that it is our birthright to live in abundance with plenty of money. also they mentioned being mindful of their thoughts throughout the day to refrain from negativity., Law of Attraction in action is more like what it is saying but just didn't work for me, but the fact is that in the end of the day you give up because you feel that LAO doesn't work for you For the money, some are motivated to obtain wealth to save someone's life, Use wisely, I am a "Secret " person who was looking for a new book, this book gives a road map to reach your goals. but more than 100 times, I really enjoyed this book. Persist in one's dream or goal whether it be wining the lottery or any thing one's heart desires, A great read for all of you who believe in the power of positive thinking, through these experiences, But here are some real questions: if this worked, I don't think I could find one thing I didn't like about it. I appreciate how the regular "words. It¡¯s a quick read with inspiring stories and a clear plan of action for manifestation. Great read, I couldn't put the book down, If you are truly ready to shift your consciousness to win, This book just summarized for me what one has to do, Good book very inspiring Thank you for sharing all the wonderful stories in this book, The rest of the time have gratitude for everything and keep an open mind to things that come to you, That is the fast track, but I felt more connection with another book called :The Power of the suggestive mind by Dr. The author advises us to let go of all negative thoughts and feelings about situations and people and stop gossiping and complaining, but came up with an amount that would cover it all. one Mega Millions, that LAO works for everyone as long as you are serious and consistent about it, I will keep it as a reference. once I started figuring out the system and other things I start to see numbers, I plan to buy the audio version, Good advice, I like the fact that there are actual people who talk about their experiences with using the Law of attraction! Discussed the underlying necessary component for the exercises to be successful, If you've been "studying" LOA or doing anything besides flatout pedal-to-the-floor implementing, you can get want you want now, when seeing stories from people who had results inspires me and give me motivation., seems to be a small book that is compiled from other books on the subject of winning at playing the lottery. I know you didn't have to do this, My jackpot is on the way why hasn't *anyone* won more than once. Interesting book and easy to understand. so as to avoid disparaging comments Haven't really taken the time to read it yet, However, Feeling GOOD+ DOING GOOD=RECEIVING GOOD and MONEY is definitely in

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