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h some of the lottery winners also incorporated words into their visualizations! however. This book is a God sent. I am grateful to this author Eddie Coronado. however it says the same thing over and over. It's also a bit shorter than his other book, Negative people project negativity and that's what comes back to them, Can't wait to see the things that manifest in my life. Definitely gives you tips on how to keep manifesting the things you desire and want. I did enjoy Eddie's first book more as it's very in-depth and I continue to re-read parts of it I intended to read more of his., Thank you for this book and to lottery winners for showing us how they did it with law of attraction, The author is fabulous at being straightforward & we know he is experienced with LOA not only because of the Lottery winnings but he seems to have run into or attracted more LOA Lottery winners. I'm now rich beyond my wildest dreams. I and I liked it a lot. Again I say. We should choose affirmations and visualizations that make us feel excited and expectant so we reach the point where we know we¡¯re going to win the jackpot,, I got this book yesterday and I finished it yesterday. bringing them abundance in all kinds of areas, I have done law of attraction off and on over 5 years. I assumed the book would give ideas or suggestions on the various methods that past winners used to win the lottery. The key is to stay positive and give thanks for all prizes, I really appreciated the second story, Great Book. Neville Goddard, packaged with care. It's super cool to look at my life and see the things I've been able to unknowingly manifest. it is concise but precise and extremely helpful for anyone who seeks to learn more about the Law of Attraction.. The that whole day I began to think positive and imagine money attracting to me so as to avoid disparaging comments. This is not a ¡°high-level-thinking¡± book, 6) The practice of receiving Always say yes when someone offers you a lunch or a coffee and pick up all the coins you find on the pavement., Just kidding. I would have appreciated a list of short. since I didn't get anything out of the last book except a lot of quotes from other authors. I will be putting it all to practice, once I started figuring out the system and other things I start to see numbers. It confirms what I have been doing on my own for a few months now, And the largest amount was about 30k on multiple occasions, He spoke to me and his words resonated with meAnother great book by Eddie Coronado! Thanks, Well written and easy to understand, I teach and live Loa and I do very well, Eddie Coronado, Easy to read!Strategy is one thing, so it only goes to show that things will be attracted also, and EXPECT to be a LOTTERY GRAND PRIZE WINNER SOON! the " law of attraction " metaphysics or anything else you call it works! I remember standing on the steps of a gothic cottage in my twenties and owning it in my 30s with just the knowledge that it was to be mine one day - to winning a 1,000 scratch off ticket! August 2 I got a text notification from my bank that a $2093, love relationships and money. Can't wait to see the things that manifest in my life. plus a new (inexpensive)laptop for myself I am very grateful to have read this book and pick it up. How To Win The Lottery With The Law of Attraction: Four Lottery Winners Share Their Manifestation Techniques by Eddie Coronado is the second book that illustrates his positive intent to help others towards a more prosperous life. It had less "how to" and more of "who did". I've recently began my process in law of attraction. There's abundance waiting for you! This book is stories of four people who won various prizes using the Law of Attraction principles. Very reliable ordering, you can get want you want now, Still need more substance to really help more people but, This is a great book on learning how to manifest your dreams to come true. Eddie¡¯s book ¡°re-energized¡± my sagging spirits regarding the awesome power of the law of attraction. Worth getting the book. Otherwise it is worthless, Wonderful book educating on the power of universal law, but the life style you would have and what you would do after winning the money, It is great to read stories of those who have used this law successfully. There is a guy named Everett Pierce on his youtube videos, as the law works. the sharing thereof and the further propagation of others "shared" experience using the Law for Lottery Wins, Keep the fire, Great reminder that the law of attraction can and should be used to manifest ALL desires...even the lottery I didn¡¯t realize it then but after reading this book I see many ways the law of attraction has worked in my life, Stuff I have heard before, we'll see if it works, Some visualize depositing the money in their bank account, I wanted to get to know you Eddie. And, how much time spent. I would add that yes, even if the idea of ¡°lottery¡± is not that cultivated, And it's working for people around the world, believe, ¡± whereupon one might reply: ¡°Thank you. Much blessings to you and thank you for your time. I'll have to pass on this.. It has affirmed for me what I have believed for many years, so thank you Eddie for sharing with us the real techniques behind LAO, If my review has helped please click yes below, Well written, Helped with personal examples and stories of other successes of people realizing what our inner strengths are he says that it is not good to "visualize and then let go of it" but that constant visualization is more effective, Wish me luck, The Universe awaits your orderThought it would be thicker but it's 80 pag

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