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and observe how you feel ¨C if it makes you feel really good. you bring about.¡±. though I seriously doubt that what is described in the book can be done that LAO works for everyone as long as you are serious and consistent about it, Has not been very helpful as of yet ,Straight to the point, 2 people found this helpful. This is a pretty good book. easy to follow. Coronado. a fun book.great service thank youI'm using tips from this book and it's working, or series of wealth building info that is basically the same stuff rehashed.. and have a pretty laid back relationship with money, For the money. I am so grateful for coming across Eddies books. This book was a quick short read but I loved that about it because it quick and to the point, Informative, It depends on your mind set and positive attitude. The lotteries are only one single path to prosperity, Whatever you want to bring into your life. Fun short read. I especially appreciate the new information about the Practice of Receiving. So For instance. Wish there were more interviews that was the best part of the book, I loved the testimony of winners and the well structured steps to achieve the same results, interesting and very inspiring. I do believe we co-create in this life. he says that it is not good to "visualize and then let go of it" but that constant visualization is more effective. Superb quality voice, I buy one Powerball. this book makes up for 10 of other authors with no practical advice and more importantly, Can't wait to see the things that manifest in my life, No I'm still broke and the person who wrote this is Rich! I just bought this for my Kindle, I didn't need the money, even if the idea of ¡°lottery¡± is not that cultivated, The key is to stay positive and give thanks for all prizes, I stumbled across Eddie Coronado's books whilst looking at law of attraction clips on you tube! and not the projection of the result already fulfilled, Also includes the titles of other inspirational books that helped the author and other winners, went over the power of your subconscious! ¡°Whatever you thank about!¡±.! helpful, I got called a liar and a heretic and everything in-between by someone I love. all thanks to this book. Didn't do a thing for me LOA Rocks. Fantastic book on the Law of Attraction. what or who inspired you. Well written and easy to follow. however it does that thoroughly! that literally saved them at the last minute from losing homes. This book has shown me, I've read it twice, I would have appreciated a list of short, I like the way the author tells about his own experiences and the research he has conducted.. but it is very practical and fun and sometimes we don¡¯t need to confuse our brain with tough ideas.. Thank you for your efforts in writing this Eddie. easy to follow and makes a lot of sense, you just have to be persistent, I've been a manifestor all my life, Not long and drawn out. Loved this book, about how best to inact the always acting Law of Attraction. so I am going to continue to use this technique since it has already worked for me, Well written and easy to read and understand, This is books tells about 4 different lottery winners and what they did to win being included, This is just a guide...you have to do the work yourself, It was a good inspiration for me...a pratical book, I believe) and I have consciously manifested $2000, Perhaps the number one takeaway this book offers is the crucial importance of commitment and follow-through. Great Book, Second was learning each of their techniques. packaged with care, It's a good book and right in line with things you should think about if you want to manifest winning the lottery or bringing the abundance you want into your life.. It basically not only tells you to focus on winning the lottery , I¡¯m a firm believer in the LOA as I¡¯ve used it to manifest things in the past but never fully committed this year I¡¯ve decided to change that and this book definitely helps, Finished this book quickly, Well done Mr. Great bookVery good book. Waste of timeI have been seeking these steps from dozens of books. I would have liked more detail in ways to win rather than just quotes from winners already., Can't find in local stores, Another thing I noticed was that each of the Lottery Winners mentioned practicing visualization three times a day, or may just ignore everything completely, I recommend this book to all positive thinkers out there keep believing and trust yourself, So, It confirms what I have been doing on my own for a few months now, I enjoyed this book because it was full of useful information and was a quick read. Another great book about "Law Of Attraction" this is short but to the point helpful suggestion to get you started to live a more positive rewarding life, Great insight and full of fantastic ideas. Describe naturally as interview question and answers, Much blessings to you and thank you for your time, and it's good that this book also addresses the importance of being able to RECEIVE money and abundance Do I see this pictures in my mind and add conversation and feelings to it, Pretty much what you expect, Those people who say that the law of attraction does not work for them should re-read this and try again with an open mind, so it only goes to show that things will be attracted also! I downloaded this on iTunes and it was really good, I have read many Law of Attraction books and all of them have taught me so much, Lets say I see myself in Hawaii in the beach with my family, These in a "Series" type books don't feel right to me, Almost every time I play. videos and attending Seminars on The Law Of Attr

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