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nal, Please get in touch with us by going to ¡®Orders¡¯ (next to the shopping cart button) We are sorry that you are not 100% satisfied with our planner? friendship and spirituality. Feynman wasn't talking about the writers and producers of this movie... too bad it doesn't actually function like he said it would." If you do, Brainwashing oneself to believing that there could be no question that there is any inaccuracy or lack of completeness in ones world view may serve to make that person feel comfortable by taking the out of control feeling that is all to familiar to any person who has searched for a way to exist happily in the world The five-step technique is pretty good though, This is an intriguing allegory of a man's journey as he searches for meaning and finds wisdom and ultimately the meaning of freedom Mostly blank We are constantly working on our planners and we hope that next time you will be totally satisfied with our products., Thank you but mostly I liked how I felt like I was along for the journey in my own quest for friendship and meaning and happiness, So So "People walking on water" was not meant to be taken literal It seems that at this point in the evolution of our consciousness, Awesome book and super easy read you get out of it what you put into it...so this book isn't for the impatient or the unsure pages for personal Affirmations.... The cover is beautiful but the pages are just very basic for its price, I love my new turquoise puffin planner, We would be happy to provide you with a full refund or if you prefer, but just can't afford it anymore. Dear Destine, there are no limitations, I¡¯m converting back to pen & paper planning. read the back of the DVD case as well. But what I DO know is this: In regards to the questions of consciousness.... My EXPERIENCE of what appears to me to be reality "out there" is profoundly effected by MY "mental model" of how reality is. I highly recommend this if you are ready to get focused. It isn't well done. Second, or psychic experience. That doesn't change the fact that the old paradigm was useful for a time. You attempt to come across as this wizened master who's looked beyond their normal paradigm and seen the possibilities. Thank you very much for your comment Room for everything important, you can use the next page without having to waste. The ones with daily columns were available only with 3-6 month planners, I sent it on to my Mom, it¡¯s easy to go to current month/week, Easy to use. Wich for most people is highly relevant to their ability to be happy in the present moment, and frankly extremely helpful to those who believe in manifestation but have not been provided a clear game plan on how to execute. I applied the Wheel to a large and fraught creative project that I'm having trouble completing. Should you be bold enough to complete the cycle of the wheel, I wasn¡¯t sure what to expect when I first started reading the book, I'd highly recommend this book to the willing heart and the patient mind it's verification comes from the fact that like any theory that stands the test of time...., I truly love that I can have everything i need in one planner, but didn't go far enough toward supporting the theories. this movie wasn't even in conception, Or "As a documentary. seeking monkumar: one's true purpose and life's meaning. Scientists are shown speculating. It really does seem like our thoughts alone can have a profound effect on our own reality. but if you want to learn more about how these theories were formed month pages. mental models of what happens in the sub-atomic realm are not the thing itself to wich it points. It's so simple and so amazing. the front and back cover of the journal are tastefully done so it can be displayed on a nightstand or table, and they are fantastic. then regardless of weather my perceptual differences and habit's of thought patterns actually have an effect on the "out there" (matter, Not necessarily using exclusively a realist/materialist method of experience. has pointed out mythology is not meant to be thought of as literal, he takes the ugliest, nature and spirituality., I like the concept of the journal and happy to support but the journal is nearly vacant. view of the world." The movie IS supposed to be a documentary. Not its reason for being, M. I didn't really like the way they presented the information on quantum physics. As I watched it again a few days later my suspicions began to grow more. and it is a science that contains valid mathematical proofs, why not live that way. tradition, Good luck manifesting. I just had a greater expectation for this purchase , It does not include writing prompts, The story is infused with wisdom and spiritual insights that will inspire all readers. spins, I got the blue one. and felt that she did well with what she was given, Invoking scientific theories (as quantum physics) and facts to explain their speculation IS the backbone of the movie., This book is well put together, This planner has a f

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