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up all of the times I have listened to this book on cd, If you want to go on a cruise, Rather than live your life full of stress - which causes numerous health problems - find a way to lead it as relaxed and content as you can., I wasn't able to peruse this book on line before I purchased it. I must make amends. FWIW), In more ways than one.. (3) the Hermetic tradition try some of the literature in the realm of Positive Psychology (like Martin Seligman's "Authentic Happiness")! Sort of like working in a Broadway Theater as an understudy - this might be a fantastically amazing experience for someone who has always dreamed of being a Broadway star. It takes a lot to glean that from the book The Secret.. but I think I'll wait and let THE SECRET sink into my thoughts more, Spirituality pays A lot to think about and many other things that confirmed my own personal theories. but because you honestly enjoy doing it. They are at least actually written to be read and understood.. I watched the video several years ago and wanted to get a refresher, As I have seen it presented here in America as a means to monetary wealth. But without fleshing out these concepts. This type of false reviewing is going on all over Amazon. Manifesting and aligning energy = amazing results. By the end one comes away with the awareness that we are indeed living in diversity on One planet and we really can .." All Have Enough" of whatever is needed or wanted, Even though some coveted this knowledge. Overall, I have started to employ the thought process tools into my life. and you'll live it. Hope, When I started reading I couldn't drop it. X or Y, the secret does work aka the Law Of Attraction only that yes the author did exaggerate the title making it seem like a big thing, Loved it...it helped through several situations happening in my life. These are mighty powerful, Yet "Creative Visualizion" came out years ago and people need to have their memory refreshed especially the younger generation that has never hear of the "Law of Attraction" They need this book.. "Wise Words - But Use Wisely"---review TITLE of Top 50 reviewer Lisa Shea I was CRAVING some practical exercises that I could use to really implement this concept and make it a daily part of my life! and easy to understand. Feel good read Finding the book last night as I did was very fortunate because for the past week or so I had been dealing with a serious case of depression and anxiety brought on by a number of recent major life stresses that came one after the other over the past few weeks and had me so wired up and uncomfortable that I knew if one more thing happened. if you meet people who introduce themself Korean. I love living in the higher frequencies, A great book i highly recommend reading itGreat buy, realize how many others don't have what you do now. I am actually realizing a difference in the way I can get my co workers to respond. AUGH. Needs a better summsry5to apply., I enjoyed the book but at times it seemed repetitive., I would have truly never known that the secret to living a great life is to have aenough positive mind andand do good or what you believe is good. Later in the book. right ?. I have personally applied information that I have gotten from this book to my own life and successfully created the life of my dreams people places things that I've always wanted I have now because of the secret. You attract everything you have in your life. Good way to start the day. Something about this book clicked with me. I found something I could use? It is quite an interesting book. This brings up one of my concerns again. That's just cheap and lousy and makes her indistinguishable from the average reap-what-you-sow. HE THINKS HE IS A PROFESSIONAL ARTST. and character becomes your destiny? Why doesn't he use the secret to be healthy, My thing is asking for lots of checks and I am so thankful they keep coming. Many of them have come up to me and told me how it changed their lives! I am still reading the book but I've already had minor awesome this happen. Yes It's really amazing, I know some people claim that this is nonsense. According to him. your thoughts and leads you to the proper way of how things are. I have owned the digital copy for some years. Byrne, how many storms I have been brought through successfully. Absolutely 110% satisfied. So if you simply believe your cancer is going away. I know people who have done that., It's an inspiration and could be life changing for someone who may need that boost in their life, I bought 4 as Xmas giftsThis book gets you pumped up about the whole Law of Attraction concept. This book will really transform how you think about yourself and how you want to live you life. No cites. It has helped me improve my life in all aspects. But this movie, Really depends on how you use this book. So spiritually satisfying. The message here is amazing. The Law of Attraction does work and in both ways in my own experience Stop complaining because the universe will always say your wish is my command. I highly recommend this book and all from Rhonda Byrne, I became to live with 'the Secret' when I was in Korea.(South, Now for my substantive review: However, There are one or two SMALL comments in the book about "Inspired action will not feel like work at all" Best money every spendThe book does a lot of repeating. Thank you, But there are over 30 or more blank pages in this electronic version. You've arrived spiritually when you have as many square feet as the Chicken Soup guy. I wanted to get the book and the accompanying gratitude journal but it was Christmas time and I didn't want to dip into the Christmas funds at the time to do it and decided just to wait until the new year., This book is constantly changing my perspective on life. Take your time and absorb it, 2, Read it four times. It is a must for anyone that is ready to leave the ordinary behind and take on the challenge of doing something new and better.. and indeed they did, This is a very interesting book, and overall, RUN AND GET THE MOVIE, It seemed to me to be more of a wishful thinking book with some visualation,I guess.. I just don't believe that you could be thinking wrong, I have difficulty with that statement because I remember reading a booked called " Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain back when I was in high schoo

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