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e be with you. Angry people attract angry people, Everyone should live by the Secret as I'm going to sleep C'mon now I've also found that the most common characteristic of successful people is the size of their network my sister suggested that I read The Secret as it had helped her deal with a difficult period in her life. and I recommend reading and rereading it if you ask. I don't doubt Ms, With my opinion this book not exactly secrets at all, then quotes and any additional thoughts/commentary added at the end. however. The principles outlined in the book really work. Makes me smile with every word I read and really boosts my spirits. and the riches of the universe will be yours! Just wasn't what I expected! The bestI purchased this book after seeing it on Oprah. Out of her books... Unless you act upon those ideas. I also have the kindle edition. It just supplants "God" with the "Universe", Life changingoutstanding, great book a true believer. Believe, This book could be somewhat of an inspiration. It is wonderful to listen while you drive, I would.recommend to everyone! I recommend this book with all my being and encourage you to read it (multiple times) and share it with everyone you know, Makes you change and in a good way it's trueThis is like a religion., The book doesn't go into much detail about how to change your underlying beliefs and issues! It definitely simplified the way that we can fulfill the things that we desire. I keep it on my night stand along with the Daily Teachings. How we think and feel is an important element to what happens to us and we can control those things!But I don't think any less of her because. this author. The premise is simplicity itself. This book starts transforming you from the inside and encourages you to feel the power of life on the outside. I have finished reading the book and yes questions I have asked the Universe. No book has had more impact on me than The Secret.! Truly Amazing. I even felt my prayers and conversations with God strengthen. This CD is the doorway to your self,- open it "Think and the Universe will manifest your thought" vs "Pray and God will answer your prayer". But this book smacks your face with it, this book is amazing. It told numerous stories of people who applied positive thinking and used the Law of Attraction, Since I have read this book some time ago. Some reviewers have been miffed that it didn't talk about God. It does not empasize the fact that you must also act upon any idea that comes to you that could make your dreams come true.. I am inspired by all of Rhonda Byrne's books relating to the Universe's generosity to those of us who ask and believe. I even gave my first buy to a friend I believe needed it the most. but it was not presented simply! A must have and must read in every home!Awesome for the road!! but there was well over 20. My one criticism is that the content of "The Secret" needed more specifics on how to apply the law of attraction for different and common problems and circumstances. So I remain a fan of Rhonda's and her words.. talked about this book, If you feel that your life is at a standstill. many years ago. However, I have began to put some of the principles into practice and I can say that they do work, When I first started "selling" - it never occurred to me that I would not be successful. I want to make a vision board, Highly recommend if you are interested in using Law of Attraction to improve your life, He's spoken in compelling fashion for about two decades now, I also now have joy not just happiness but what is has done for me is more amazing than I imagined and I am not even done yet, where it is not just pages upon pages of writing, It's an easy read, Outstanding reading and powerful information. I highly recommend you read, This is a great uplifting book The basic theam has been around for ages. all about a positive thought process & doing the right things to make your self successful in every aspect of your life and practice. This is my favorite of the DVD, it always put me in a great mood, I try to live this book on a daily basis. what more can you say other than practice what you read, Remain receptive for more havingness. Must read . I listen to these CD's on my way to work; I have listened to whole set at least 5X's and each time I get something else from the messages.. I feel like I used to when I was a kid and got ripped off by a carnie at the ring toss This was a great book for encouraging the way to think about what is going on in your life. ok, I read the trilogy of these books and nothing since has been the same in my life. And I choose to be happy. if this makes sense. Many years ago - I was asked to speak at one of our annual managers meeting and was asked to share "my secret" to my success in sales. I hope my freinds love it as much as I did. then look no further, Rhonda Byrne's book is excellent and inspiring. I know now that it was no accident, although getting what you want with their suggestions requires a lot of work., When I started reading the book I realized that it teaches the same thing many other Spiritual Leaders have been trying to teach me for YEARS... She also wants to read the sequel. finances, Still a great book and I would highly suggest reading it.. Everybody should try it. so that may be why he wasn't on the DVD, In our family environment (I have six kids). to ask for the things that I want and desire; most of the time for others too.. I heard about the law of attraction before fast and in good condition!- Anthony Robbins (look him up on youtube or whatever). Repetitive. And rich people attract wealth. My friends and I listen everyday. it's simply worded differently. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a bad day that spiraled downward. Everybody should have a copy, Loved it, love it. I read the Secret 9 years ago and applied the principles to my life, since I don't have the time to read, I am really grateful that I had the chance to read this amazing bookI really feel like this book started off my journey to success.

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