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ions I have been pondering. After doing this workbook consistently you will see a major change in your life. I got a friend one and Im going to get another for another friend. thank you zehra. I did feel her approach was simpler and more enlightening. Dodson and that was the only value I found in this book., God is Love...Love is God. I recommend it if you're looking to be better and to understand life in a simple way.. Because I learned something new from it. No doubt. If you want to read something of substance on this subject. Amazing book. Period. I have shared this book with so many people after just getting through 1/4 of the book because of how incredible it is from the start, Go out and vibrate love.. Wondrous. be grateful and forgiving and believe in the power of God to raise our frequencies. and say. The practices and exercises are very easy and useful.., I like the steps she provided. I enjoyed this book I¡¯ve read other Law of Attraction books but this one takes the cake. Everyone needs to read these books. As a result of completing the workout. Love Zehra and love her book, was willing to bring this information through!I have the latest version. I've read several book on the law attraction. I don't understand how this book has got such good reviews. from that point on. Most people become interested in the Law of Attraction because they want to manifest something BIG! Oh yeah, It is positively written from her perceived entity. I love what she has to say about frequencies--reminds me of Abraham Hicks. I look forward to reading more books by Linda West, A lot of valuable information! I love this book so much that I bought a copy for my husband so that he can join me on this journey toward a positive life. I love all Zehras books! I highly recommend. I just started reading today and I am123 pages into this book. I really enjoyed reading this book.. and it was hard to stop reading.. I've recommended to friends and colleagues.. I recommend this reading anyone who wants to choose better for themselves. and then teaching them to others in a most generous way. buuuut wanted to compliment you on the way you break down the understanding of LOA even further into more understandable pieces for the average bear to grasp onto and start practicing. An advanced learner may be disappointed because it is very basic understanding. It is a good book for continuing your education on the Law of Attraction without going too far into woo-woo. The "things" are merely that...things. Linda , body. Definitely confirmation I'll on the right path. Esther Hicks has written many books and given thousands of workshops. and the author spent most of it discussing another book. Thank you Linda for giving us this piece of Art. Super happy to have had a friend recommend this book. But it is not in these "things" that we find happiness. it gave a basic understanding of how the law of attraction works. I like this quick easy read and felt it was very focused and some important topics! Important information here relative to co-creation. Only half way through - a wonderful uplifting book. how to attract an actor to you and generally become a minx then I suggest Penny Pierce instead. There were several points that I hadn¡¯t heard before and others I hadn¡¯t considered in the depth presented by the author. Excellent work Linda. Thanks sooooo much. couldn't stop nodding YES as I went through this book. and want to get to the next level of mastery. and body all want. The 40 days of affirmations from Unlimited. I am a big dreamer! Nope. \It was an awesome book. This book claims to be on the science of frequency! sing and dance, I recommend you check out books by Frederick E. Linda West. West details five easy steps a person can take to manifest just about anything in your life. Wonderful book! I thoroughly believe in frequencies being the roadmap of life. Linda did a great job of describing and giving me insight to my frequency! And why it was necessary. be compassionate! Now I was blind in one eye. and although the questions for discovery are the same. Love is what gives us the best chance for growth and change, This is someone who changed their life by applying primarily the principles taught by Abraham-Hicks and then tweaking them as necessary so that they worked for her This book is opening my eyes to a while new world! her writing style is fun. love is god. I gave this book a five star because it is truly a wonderful r read. increase your frequency..." and bla bla bla which means little and does little for someone looking for an actual guide book about what to DO, I can't wait for the 'Anarchy' book to come out. Just what I needed to remember. Fear is only to help us move forward towards it to understand it and give it some love!The "triangle" idea of making sure your body! syrupy rant about love and not much else! And I like this theory!- Taking a closer look at my goals and dreams...are they too big Solid info on how vibrations and frequencies work. Well doneAnother. great for manifestingvery clear. If your looking

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