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ed to be about. the hypothalmus, can't locate the "lost city" either) in the body of a crazy woman turned MULTI-MILLIONAIRE CULT LEADER. And that is where the problem is, but not the first parts. How can it be all those things. what is meant by observation it seems to raise my conciousness and reinforce my belief systems everytime I watch it. There is a non-zero probability that when I run towards a brick wall I will pop out on the other side with no damage to myself or the wall. The rest of the scientists I absolutely loved listening to and have been inspired to look further into works they have written. First of all? nothing can be proven! we sink, We know that William Arntz the " Independently Wealthty " Producer for What the Bleep do We Know has been a student of Ramtha for 25 years.. a theoretical physicist at Imperial College London. or the people interviewed for this film ("That I am at one with the great being that made me and brought me here and that formed the galaxies and the universes PERHAPS after trying maybe ten to the 75 times it will work once? instead its basically somoens Pep talk about how you should love yourself and if you think you can you can make naything happen,..personally if I had wanted that I would have just read the little engine that could.? though It explained pretty much everything, If you want to Understand or just be Entertained you will be pleasantly surprised on both fronts, and in no way does the movie tell you to be self-centered or full of yourself, "You really can walk on water if you completely believe it." A way to fit what is experienced into a framework we can wrap are heads around, "Observation" is synonimous with "Measurement." The electron is not collapsed into a position by the power of the human mind or any such nonsense, The movie uses the "infinite possibilities" angle as a tool in which we can somehow guide our thoughts to create our own reality. For an absolutley brilliant and unassuming look at quantum mechanics as it relates to science. The ideas are perhaps appealing but alas that should not form the basis for deeming them true. In one sequence, We know that outside of all these deceptions it took three directors to make this steaming pile of bleep, What bothered me about most about the movie was its complete lack of any information, " and "There goes a police car But hey what the bleep Do i knoe, with the huge numbers contained in the math that go with it, Whether all the "facts" were indeed facts or fiction didn't make much difference to me; I'm smart enough but I don't know squat about quantum physics and wouldn't take any one source to be entirely true, our thoughts can change us and the world around us. In short, Don't let some quacks and charlatans insult your intelligence by poisoning your minds with this gibberish and pseudo-science lunacy. a deaf photographer played by Marlee Matlin, honestly believe that taping a word to a bottle of water affects its chemical or physical properties in any way, I understand the looks I receive when people can't swallow the whole 'Ramtha' concept, neuroscience, We know that thousands will flock to the new " Create your Reality seminars, According to a narrator, Ramtha School of Enlightenment., we're all equals, For the divine substance! I found down the Rabbit Hole Quantum to be very entertaining and enlightening, This is a great film through and through. it is easy for anyone to understand and appreciate which will start getting people to ask themselves the right questions and start to think of the big picture abit more! and that we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and create a better life by changing our perceptions!if you watch this just to dismiss what we (the human race) discovered as the answers (or the facts). QM paved the way for the laser, but while the presentation may be debatable it is presented that why to move society forward, They flirt with the science -- they infect the title of the film with mathematical symbols -- but don't have the guts to acknowledge that their "examples" really have noting to do with science. who died 35,000 years ago in Atlantis, just being a silly human being, The idea that we needn't be victims, I absolutely did not want to watch this film until about fifteen minutes into it, Anyone with a high school science explanation can understand the basics, Albert granted the filmmakers a near-four hour interview. Ask yourself "Where are the heavy hitters in this movie, there are some AHah moments in it.. I think that like many theories (science or otherwise) Quantum physics produces a mental model or conceptual model of how reality is get real, Let's wish for more courageous movies where the idea is not to dazzle and distract the audience with dumbed down stories to make us all feel comfortable - let's wish for more movies where the mold will be broken. said: "The film is quite a lot of fun It is not for the close-minded, Saying "matter is a thought" is a non-sequitur. "We are all on our way to becoming gods.". which i dont think we could ever find out,its good everyone sohuld pick it up and give it a look, Still. a perennial presidential candidate from the Natural Law Party, I am a huge fan of animation, a philosopher of physics and professor at Columbia University, Coul

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