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en i'm going through rough patches. The baby was not only alive but moving with a strong heartbeat. A really postive book that does a lot of good. Plus. Iphone,happy family and what i always wanted. It's not just about positive thinking.....it's also about negative thinking. but the price was reasonable for it. I honestly feel I have adopted this as virtually a religion for myself. I'd recommend it to anybody in need of a mental makeover.. It also gave me relief from all the regret I've held on to all these years. A must read. but half way through the book it just lost my interest. Words to live by! Enjoy. First I realized all the things I already had in my live to be greatful for. But not always. When I saw this book on Oprah it astonished me. Thank you for an accurate description on you posting. Pretty a lot. Therefor. And when i go to the part when they said about the law of attraction and how we attract things. I pass them on to family and friends who need to understand that they are the masters of their own lives. It's truly an amazing read. Period. The book is wonderful too. However. Seth Speaks. But the book is wonderfully put together and if you're looking for a good book to start with about the Law of Attraction. Kindle Edition book. It has helped me a great deal. I was on bed rest so I picked up "The Secret" I decided I was going to use the principles to save this baby. I read half of it in Hollywood. etc.. Books like this do a disservice to the reader and the many authors who make thoughtful contributions. with pages that look like old parchment and script and quotes from "visionaries". And I started to read it. Explained why I would get everything I wanted and then didn't. My story runs deep and I will share it one day. thinking. My heart is lighter. etc., Everyone should read this small book. Awesome motivator :) Great book for someone seeking a great change in life., Do not watch the movie. this book is a great reminder to watch your thoughts--validated by other many. Happy Learning to all. The quality was even better than expected; the same as quick delivery. I highly recommend this bookI enjoy reading the daily lesson and trying to apply it to my daily life. that is just unexplainable and different. We talked less and i didn't know why. it inspired me, He was apologizing to me and explaining me things crying. Whenever you're not feeling so great (or even when you are). Can The Secret be applied here, love itTrying to live by this wisdom of this book, I rated the Secret this way for it's content for everyday application for everybody to use in life for discovering who they are in the Universe. It is well written for all faiths. Buy one for yourself. I find these CD's inspiring to listen to. And it did. It's not just the fluff it's the tools you need to help you get what you really want out of life. but was in and out with dedicating myself to the daily routines suggested in the dvd and the book. Although this book did help me think positive, This book will change your life. YOU NEED AN OPEN MIND to really understand the concepts. I listen to it daily as backround and turn it on when I go to sleep, " moment, Don't misunderstand me; the law of attraction is real, If everyone would live by this we would be in a much happier & healthier world. And I teared not only because this was the first time i heard '' I love you from the person but it was another thing i wrote on the paper '' I want ______ to love me and i want them to show me this '' And they did. If you haven't read this. This is very deep and private thing but I'm willing to show you that the secret '' law of attraction'' does exist and its with you whether you like it or not. but if someone is going through a rough patch in life. It has even increased my Christian walk; my faith is at another level. I loved the book very inspiring very spiritual. I don't want to bore you people but let me say since week and a half my mom and dad are on the track on getting back together great listened to it four times before I loaned it out. Thank you. a book or a movie. Write it down, I couldn't take the book. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for that "something" that seems to be missing in your life. Beside the Bible I thought back in time when i gave up on things and they became worse ( and I attracted that ) i got very interested in the book . Everything about the book is what I was looking for.. Thanks, this is it, I recommend everyone to read this book. best book ive ever read--my life has changed because of this book--i can see my future clearly now...a million thanks and blessings to rhonda byrne and all those hands who helped with the making of this book, many things have been affirmed and accepted since and before then. Whenever you're not feeling so great (or even when you are). A very good book, I checked my local 2 major bookstores and i was beginning to feel like it was greatly overpriced but after checking amazon it was about 70% cheaper, I was motivated to open my spirit to read and follow the messages I got from the book. without the book even existing I love this book...it is definitely life changing if you are open to receiving and believing the information, is force our will upon God.. Not only is this book amazing, In this day and world conditions Who do you want to go with, I subscribed to the contributors. you will get results. This would be the most influential book and movie I have ever read/watched then this. The Secret works

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