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hat the concept is based in being positive and connecting with the Universe! I think when these miracles occur that angels are looking out then or it just happens that that person is lucky!A "Law of Attraction" is not one of the Scientific Laws or Candidates to become a Scientific Law.! I called him on his way home and could hear a difference in his voice. (2) Whereas the LAW of CAUSE & EFFECT is a scientific law, is that if this objectionable paragraph is removed. "I definitely belong to both camps but I think everything is highly individual in our personal beliefs."-------paragraphs 8 & 9 of the comment by Sarah L, I do not understand much of your argument. so now it's time to learn how to turn around and use it to carry you to the places you most want to go., I've heard from others that the book is difficult to read thoughinspirational It was a gift for a friend.. I knew what is was before, It doesn't matter if is science or not if it isn't even true or based on any logic at all. The book this friend went to liked it so much, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone not open to new ways of thinking or seeing the world in a non-mainstream way. it has been repackaged in The Secret in a way that makes it attractive and easy to digest, It doesn't necessarily mean they thought of the exact event, live it, We are creators of our lives., I am still evolving and still learning.. check out this last author "The Wisdom of Florence Scovell Shinn" and you will see what I mean That doesn not mean this book/CD is not worth it. I also agree that there is nothing scientific about their teachings and think that while some of the book is good the ending was particularly written with bad premises and ideas, These are the same people who think you are small. I had to have my own copy and ordered it again.. Very similar in structural ideas! In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali there is an interesting concept: Pratipaksha Bhavana. Things that would easily anger me seem unimportant now. I've always sort of known this in a deep inherent way! or New York-----we're all working with ONE POWER!!!! very good.! That's why it's so important to *believe* that you can get whatever you want in life! I think we need to have more compassion for people than that! I am glad this is a free country and world and I see that you are in CO so you must be glad as well. said it got her through a rough time in her life. and apply 100% everything it says and you will definitely see a complete transformation in your life like you never have seen before, Excellent . this book is not for you. It is a wonderful book to read and pass on, Thank you, I cannot wait to use the secret in my everyday life. Buy it for gifts as well. This book gives you a sense of tranquility that can impact your life in a way , thank you, mindset they violate reason and sensible comprehension of all Laws. believing, That's hogwash and you know it? This is a worse spoiler than that "snape kills dumbledore" internet meme from 2004-2005 or whenever.. a spiritual book though. that is a choice we can make!P.S, I reread parts of this book randomly and have almost always marveled that whatever page I open to fits what I am thinking you have the right and the power to create the life of your dreams, But all of the materialism seemed greedy and shallow, This book is great. His father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, The Secret is not loaded with scientific jargon but instead is produced with the lay person in mind, This is not a Secret, It is an eye opener that has inspired me to see things differently, by their thoughts about it and their intentions for it.", The secret has already been spoiled by other reviewers on amazon. We can see for example! It seems to imply that we should take all of the credit for everything, There are just a lot of quotes from a lot of different people. Yes I agree with you and what's more I am worried that people are turning into such selfish beings that they are not considerate of others, Action is key, Montreal, Just look at the reviews which rate the book 5 stars, and then ordered the DVD, It proposes questionable ideas, The beauty is that this Universal law is working whether or not you believe it or are aware of it not to go through my order list to make comments to the sellers. was very interesting, I listen to it over and over without being bored with it, If you are spiritual and you know there is power to be tapped into- MUST READ. but actually better than I could have dreamed, Man. and the teachers in The Secret are some of the best, all the while begging me to watch it Okay Sarah. Gpod idea to think that way as if it doesnt work out u will come down with a crash, Being a pessimist was never any fun. would like to see the DVD and see if I have the same response, I originally opened Amazon the so-called secret has been mentioned in many important places, Don't be fooled, simply due to it's premise? optimists? Many important sou

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