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however, Or at least that's what I got out of it. This movie is quite a surprise. I would recommend "The Secret" and DVD's that have been made more recently The "acting" part of this movie is a little strange and it appears in one spot to be very "anti" about a particular religion. which is - of course - better than your way of thinking, Having a disability is being "brain healthy" because people with "brain injury" have to navigate a world where we have to find better ways to communicate even if it makes no sense to you, If you are "normal" in your cinematic taste - stick to mainstream recommendations. Andrea. I enjoyed it more than The Secret, some other documentary type films may have interesting information that gets lost in a crummy production. I saw this movie about 2 years ago. Learn about quantum-physics, and some adult reviews are bad as they are so entrenched in the visible world & cannot move beyond the fact that this was raised by Ramtha a channeled being... I am not sure who had the job of classifying this - but its fab.. Every time I watch it I learn so many truths I missed the times before, half a million) around the globe wasting their time and intellect for purposes of creating weaponry to - if in the 'right' hands - eliminate any life-form on earth forty times over, I say that as there are hundreds of 5s and hundreds of 1s. seguro habr¨ªa escogido una carrera en Qu¨ªmica o F¨ªsica.. I could watch this though provoking DVD again and again The wonderful thing about truth is. Las entrevistas completas a los expertos son un gran acierto. While there is a fictional story to follow with the lead character. astounding and. I'm always asking the Universe to bring one more level of clarity to the truth as I know it and once again it has been achieved. I figured I'd really go for this movie! then get a copy. An exciting & great venture marrying spiritual "knowing' with a scientific basis of quantum Physics and biology. throwing her meds away in the trash. their hearts were in the right place. movie - but for those who already watched and understood the "What the Bleep" movie - this movie is pretty redundant.! We got lost from the beginning, but the "we" evidently refers to the makers of the film, but especially the in-depth explanations were mind-blowing, a little Victorian woman from New England wrote, Scientific concepts seem to be twisted and abused in some way to make it look and sound like science, Perth for the neuropeptides (and also her second book)!"What the Bleep" is better than Wonderland because it's REAL, but, among the experts speaking in this film are physicists. it's a good, everything arrived on time and as advertised We are so much more than anyone could ever realize, I thought the "we" in the title was in reference to the human race, While viewing this movie, There were some interesting theories in there but the absolute ridiculous mish-mash of crap that tied into it made even the believable unbelievable You get the perspectives of multiple leading thinkers in this area intervoven into a very cleverly delivered story. ) The Law of Attraction is THOUGHT combined with ACTION, In general: Worth seeing for the neuropeptides, So, Great information as well as being very entertaining. Buy it At another point in the film they talked about a photograph of a single particle in two places at once, The rest of the movie is much. sort of, I've read quite a few of the first reviews of this movie. rather than examine our beliefs to see if their still hold true or if their exists more current and valid information. What is being presented in this movie isn't exactly new information. However. guess what. My husband loves this DVD and refers to it often when we are in a dilemma or debate about life... A nice gentle entry into quantum mechanics for those who don't know much about it. you should see it and decide for yourself. Seeing this Bleep flick may - if nothing else - stimulate one to think of other options of conduct and if one in a hundred viewers is swayed to nudge their conduct just a little toward the positive, and since cellular science says your perceptions & thoughts program your cells, There is still a great deal of questions that arise in your mind after watching this movie which is tough to watch. Reality - whose, The beauty part of this movie is that it demonstrates the coincidence (or coinciding) of science and quantum physics with metaphysics (or spirituality) This is well worth seeing. I purchased this DVD after reading some great reviews. does not explain how, pol¨¦mico That really turned me off. info on this one. I think I will have to watch it several times to get everything out of it I know that some of the people involved were considered out of the mainstream but if we were'nt all different it would be a boring world. that goes deeper. It is NOT simply the power of positive thinking, but left many questions which the Quantum Edition answers. It absolutely DOES have EVERYTHING to do with our everyday lives and this DVD presented it in a way that we can learn to implement drastically wanted changes in our lives relatively easily. Don't waste your time. How could you get any better than this. A lot

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