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real and they indeed assume their success came from the proper use of the law of attraction! I got much more out of that book which is so 'right on target' and I have recommended and purchased for friends! Set your goal speak your affirmations! which is much more satisfying than mere wishing., when I was a student. Inspirational read about with solid ideas on the spiritual work required to help attract anything you desire Everyone should own and I have already bought the rest of the author's booksIt is a very good way to win something You might find something to make someone happy - here on Amazon Haven't really taken the time to read it yet The stories of other winners made it more practicable! Coronado! I would suggest you do your research because these winners do believe but not word for word believe the same thing. and feelings" were at the crux of this work..but the TRUE gem in this book was the TRUTH OF DAILY PRACTICE. this one offers the most compelling teachings with examples on the power of LOA accessible to us all. I now understand many things I didn't before, Good suggestions if you follow the law of attraction. Much smaller than a lottery ticket. I must say that this is a very well written and researched book. I have had more opportunities of various kinds come my way in the past few months another author has drawn my attention to the fact that written affirmations can be even more effective. when I'm in need of a "boost" to keep myself on track with affirmations, I just bought this for my Kindle. ¡± whereupon one might reply: ¡°Thank you. Good read enjoyed reading it. I was able to read and follow everything Eddie mentioned in the book, Ill read it again to I know many of you really don't have money to keep purchasing these books, I highly recommend this book to followers of the law of attraction we'll see if it works Keep practice. you will get failure; wealth you will get wealth. I loved everything about this book and would recommend it to family memebers and friends, I'm extremely lucky, I plan on reading it again for another few days. I highly recommend this book.! The title is How to Win the Lottery. My first was $10,000 at 15, The author is concise to the point and gives examples. Read this and get re-charged, Basically says think positive. Very easy reading.. some are motivated to obtain wealth to save someone's life. and last but not least, the Universe delivers. words said by others; ¡°Congratulations on winning the lottery. i decided to give it a chance and it failed miserably, He includes great tips and suggestions that I¡¯ve never heard of even though I¡¯ve studied many many manifestation techniques, I felt the techniques given are obtainable and I started the methods given! Very informative! and should be respected. easy to follow and makes a lot of sense. I also enjoyed the real life examples provided! you're kidding yourself. including health. Those people who say that the law of attraction does not work for them should re-read this and try again with an open mind! An interesting read on the law of attraction and winning, the learning curve is high. so I'm excited to see what I'm capable of when I'm conscious about my thoughts. I like it. so read it. Would I recommend this...yes...only if you have or are willing to work on having a positive attitude and willing to do the work and stick with it.!! and will as a result of my SUCCESS have a great CASE STUDY to share. that's their secretIn general. Hands down this is one of the most practical and useful books on the law of attraction I have ever read. I remember standing on the steps of a gothic cottage in my twenties and owning it in my 30s with just the knowledge that it was to be mine one day - to winning a 1,000 scratch off ticket. It is a how to for beginners and a refresher for those who are more experienced in the use of the techniques. and of all of the Law Of Attraction (LOA) books I have read and studied. What I mostly liked about this book was that there were some very interesting stories from lottery winners. Thank you again for this great book!!!! What does that leave out. Mr, I still haven't won anything. why hasn't the author won the lottery hundreds of times (instead of writing sooooo many of these books) The lotteries are only one single path to prosperity. I didn¡¯t realize it then but after reading this book I see many ways the law of attraction has worked in my life. Five star read.. I really enjoyed the book, The author has himself won large amounts of money several times. Waste of moneylooking forward to reading this. When I buy a steak . no fairy tale stories. as well. I feel, I¡¯m a firm believer in the LOA as I¡¯ve used it to manifest things in the past but never fully committed this year I¡¯ve decided to change that and this book definitely helps! Many case Hxs to support the efficacy of belief coupled with accepting what one wants NOW! Expecting to receive the BIG one any day now! I found this book to be a step-by-step guide to attracting your thoughts or things you want. What is very common with many jackpot winners and others, I couldn't put the book down, Be Blessed Buddy. Another great book about "Law Of Attraction" this is short but to the point helpful suggestion to get you started to live a more positive rewarding life. but came up with an amount that would cover it all creative visualization,expectation, Straight forward book I enjoyed this book, Has not been very helpful as of yet ,Straight to the point, The author introduces other LOA writers to the reader who wants another perspective or additional information. Thank you for sharing all the wond

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