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It's all been said before. your purpose. Such a great read. I think The Secret is highly overrated, I will be using this books lessons daily. Worth the read. I downloaded the CD to my iphone, very fast delivery If you read this book with an open mind and heart. WOW it will change your life, A must have in you library of books. It is a good reminder of all the things I learned in church through the years I Love to hear positive words all day., It is the audio from the movie,If you like the movie. I can't say enough about how great this book is., A book like this can really help you to take control of your life and teach you how to attract the things that you want. Do you want an amazing life filled with all the things you ever desired, Very uplifting and positive. I have purchased this book three times now after giving my other two copies away. Einstein, On the beach. but I've seen it work good and bad ways in my own life, Read it and take the time to really apply this and all that you want you will have and NOTHING will stand in your way other then YOU! The book does a great job in offering a system on how to put in practice what other books contains! since I've read this book. Using the teachings in this book on a daily basis and it has certainly worked. Listen to this with a positive attitude & open mind and it will change your total view on life Fast delivery and great product. to Me*, My favorite book, I bought the books so each would have their own copy. and we bought this book, This is a awesome book The message in The Secret is so loving, Rhonda Byrne writes this book in a very easy to follow and comprehend manner, Super happy with this purchase, Its starting to change things for me. Einstein, I love the quotes as well. People respond to kindness. Whether the concept is voodoo or not, Also If you are. Just what I hoped it would be! Follow the advice. It's easy to read and instantly applicable - if you want to change your life, As good as the dvd is of The Secret, so you can start the next day vibrating at a very high level and thus make tomorrow wonderful. Wow. provides clear advice, Simple basic rule...ASK , While the DVD and book are inspirational and wonderful for those embarking on the path to "what more is there?¡±, she loves it. I have spent years studying nearly every form of metaphysics, yeah it was all written by the very few who know THE SECRET, No digging necessary..., I am now reading THE MAGIC., I was given this book a couple of years ago and read most of it, Confirmed some of the things I thought and knew for years, Everyone should read this book at least twice. I will never see the world in the same way again, A lot of time we deal with a lot of external life "noise" that creates anxiety, is definitely a "keeper" in our household, There is a wealth of knowledge in this book. I enjoyed reading all the positive quotes and ideas in the book, It's a good reminder and motivator every day it is still a trusted motivational tool and guide to live by, Love this, Got there in great time? motivation etc., Some of the information is actually dangerous, They all read it. Want to read it again and again. Or listen before bed, so uplifting, etc, Who knows. I'll sum it up for you so you can save your money and not waste your time: 1)Decide what you want and speak it from your heart so that it will come to be If nothing else. This book has helped me to see the world in a different light. my daughter and my partner and for my entire family. This is a excellent way to read this book. This is a amazing book! It keeps and leaves you in a constant state of wondering what if and questioning what can I do better.. My daughter said very inspirational and knowledgeableI bought this as a gift for someone. This book helped me get rid of the negativity that surrounded my life. This book is life changing. I have already seen the principles taught here work in my life Be happy is my secret . We are meant to. The Secret works well for ¡®smaller¡¯ manifestations, I am not sure it is such a great secret but I am glad I read it and watched the video, And it will come your way, The reason it's called "The Secret" isn't because it is the "shhhh. It's powerful..it empowers you. just the act of thinking more positive thoughts will make you feel better and happier...and people like to hang around folks who are happy. You are God in tour own world, if the majority of people on this planet took these ideas to heart. then didn't follow through, in focusing on being happy. An inspiring book with much to think about and change lives to be happier. and even discussed it. Listening daily to this CD has been crucial for the change that I want in my life Well written. I often find myself going back to Reread what I just read to make sure I read it correctly the first time and let me tell you it's the most POWERFUL thing I have read next to the bible!! even to me! put it into practice and see the results yourself.. I've not finished the book but am glad I have it to refer to. and develop the strength to persevere despite any opposing forces that might be working against them. i

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