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0 I'm so serious. I sold something on ebay that was sitting for a few days. The moment you start it and commit yourself to the exercises, I was so excited about how my content there was in this book. Highly recommended!!My Inner MONEY BABE has been unleashed for quite some time..but I was ready to take things to a whole NEW LEVEL!! This workbook is amazing.As a single mom I'm done with the limiting mind setting society implanted me! thank you for the light you bring with your teachings and this book, This book is teaching me how to respect money and not fear it. It's a worthwhile investment and you're worth EVERY PENNY! but I already feel a shift and I'm excited for the results at the end! Not that far into it but loving it so far. OMG- seriously this book, like. By day 17 i had manifested the amount i asked for and then some. Loving this book, I am not a homework lover but Kathrin has skillfully created a very supported direction to breaking down the wall we have built around money, but it was an amazing experience to see how the universe works in my favor. Thank you Kathrin for such a fun and inspiring book!!! Can't wait to see where I'm at when I finish it, identify your true desires, i know that works. I know it will be life changing.Seriously loving this book. She's awesome. Day 2 is completely kicking my emotional behind, I'm pretty empathic. I no longer worry. This book is funny with lots of great ideas.I love the daily exercises the most. Day 2 alone is worth the price of admission, What are you waiting for?. how empowered I feel, Her consistency and true desire to see her "babes" achieve abundant levels of success and money is so refreshing and uplifting. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to get on the right path financially, it's an easy read with so much valuable information. I am about half way through the 21 day challenge now and I am loving it, being a part of her Facebook group. Love, you won't regret it. Kathrin Zenkina hit a home run with this one! Keep an open mind. This step by step process is rough. I was worried that this book would focus too much on money (I mean¡­ why wouldn¡¯t it¡­?) but I had this gut instinct that I needed to buy it and try it. I'm seeing it actually work. but brought up so much to be healed around my relationship with money! I joined the Manifestation Babe group on Facebook and have been continuously inspired! Caution - you can't just read it, I appreciate having this, Thank you Kathrin Zenkina. I have received an additional $600 in cash since beginning this book and I have no doubt that the rest is on its way. Kathrin teaches you step by step how to rid yourself of negative thoughts and actions resulting in manifesting the life of your dreams! but their LIFE. And just like that...I was offered an AMAZING Opportunity 3 weeks ago..I said YES ....went ALL IN....and TODAY....EXACTLY 21 days later ..I manifested a total of with even MORE already on the way to me! Brought the ebook about 2 weeks ago and amazing things have been on the up and up for me! and this book!! If you want to learn to clear your resistance to making money. It's a really fun and easy read, This book everyone should do, including my money. forgive the past. Love. Its about switching mentally to "this IS going to happen". I am now on Day 7 of Katherin's 21 Day course! This has to be the best book on Manifestation I have read to date. This book absolutely works, So many blessings have opened up for me. Almost done with the book and a lot of what she says makes sense! I'm not finished with the 21 days yet. for writing this and for your energy and spirit! Don't forget to find her page on Facebook! want and desire. This has been a life changing journey already and I'm only on day 5. and action can do. it is not an intro book to the law of attraction! I'm only at chapter 5 and I already feel so much lightier and happier, Kathin has such a fresh perspective on this topic of manifestation. Forever grateful. you can gauruntee this book will teach you something new! the forgiveness one and added one more to the list. You won't regret it, not another thought, Thank you. do the work. but it is doable and you want to do it. Many people have manifested their goals quickly and I have myself manifested some money already! Of course. My life feels lighter and my stagnant finances have picked up immensely. I wonder if two days of work one counts for quicker results! I am about half way through so far. It does have great affirmations and mantras, but maybe i'm looking for something new" for example counting my blessings. why manifesting works and gives your tips and tricks on easy ways to manifest not only money but anything you desire. Hear this: the loan came in the form of an unexpected offer that I would normally ignore. she makes this so easy. From day one I have been hooked. I totally recommend joining her Facebook group while you read the book for support and inspiration. y'all - but I feel so FREE. By day 6 I had already manifested a $1200 program that I needed for my business. This book and Kathrin have been such a game changer for me and my family recently. There is a reason for this and it's Kathrin is the most generous and knowledgeable boss Babe when it comes to Manifesting money, It's not just about manisfesting money into your life. Still working through the steps but very impressed so far! by tried I mean I listened to Deva Premal chant it straight through and "felt" along with it! with the "babe" and stuff, And I went through this book. This book changed the way I look at not only money but life!. Do you believe in Magic. touch it. Thank you Kathrin for creating this resource. So much frickin value in this and four days in and I've manifested $400. My goal for the 21 day challenge is Wow! This book and challenge was awesome, Truly believing by the end of the course my money would manifest. This book is amazing

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