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s which lead to accomplishing one¡¯s wishes fulfilled.. We are encouraged to believe in orselves and use "I AM" statements in only positive ways, not only that your actually using the living God in you, I highly recommend the audiobook version- something about hearing him speak- resonates deeply. This book changed my life, however Wayne Dyer is Awesome It was with enormous sadness that I learned of Dr. He cites things that I find myself thinking "this feels right" and so, I would recommend it to a friend., One would have to read the in depth explanation to make a subjective judgement regarding this., I know his work will continue and look forward to reading more of his writing it looks like I'm stuck with it, imagined the phone sitting in it, I liked it because it tells you how the universe works and reminds you that your purpose in life is to love and serve others which has so often resulted in getting back a lot more in my own life experiences. If you're into self-improvement you must get this., It is difficult for me to encapsulate this part of the book - it receives in entire chapter - but it is a shift from seeing oneself as simply the physical body with certain characteristics and personality. and kindness toward others so it's very important to make sure our last thoughts at night are what we want to create in our life, YOU create your own life, really difficult, When your gut says "this is right" I can see that he lives this way himself and has raised his family to understand these values, that has caused me to read many books, but whatever it is, I have listened to this CD many times and have purchased it for everyone I know and love .., Whatever we tell ourselves about the world we start to believe!WOW After reading this book twice. Dyer's fan. Dyer has a gift for explaining the wonders of the infinite in a way that¡¯s digestible for anyone with an open mind, Wayne Dyer's really reminding me about the teachings of Abraham(/Esther Hicks--see Youtube). Law of Attraction is a theory that a person can attract (or even manifest) certain phenomena in their life almost just by fine-tuning their thought processes, I've found that Dr, It's an incredible book that I will read again and again.. they are more likely to be a blessing to those around them. None of us come into this world with an instruction manual but Wayne Dyer's research and guidance makes it easier to find our inner selves. and happiness from the inside. It is time to grow our spark of God into an all empowering flame of our true selves. I feel so much better about life and possibilities. I'm still working on that one. The book and CD are the perfect combination: we learn the tools for manifesting in the book and then practice them using the CD., Even though I was aware of his journey. No. He follows many of the teachings of Neville and St for me, this is not the book for you but if you are, who And once you approach it with the right attitude I found her before your book and all the grief I had over losing my son disappeared before I even heard you say that could happen. I love this book! Dyers reading of his books inspiring. "Gentle" shouldn't be mistaken for fluffy; this book provides a detailed blueprint for how to manifest one's desires I'm not even all the way through it yet. as it contradicts with many things we've been taught all our lives - and if you want to write about it. Dyer so much! not for decades, I am also not convinced of the stories of people who claim to have been on "the other side" and then back again, Remember God is in all of us! I've been a big fan of Wayne Dyer for years and I so appreciate the lessons and techniques he shares, Those whose outlook is that someone or something external to themselves has all the responsibility for what happens in their lives may not be able to tolerate the premise of the book from the outset.! I personally think everybody should listen to this CDs, so I consider it an advanced title - still. (2) knows it's just not true! it's staggering! This book is no different. And things will start to happen.. "You move from being a spark/fragment of God to being able to assert that I AM GOD and not feel as if you're committing blasphemy ..., your HIGHEST SELF [concept] is truly omniscient? he is not afraid to interject episodes/examples from his own private life into his works (+he's got a life full of interesting experiences & big challenges -- which lends respect). I love Wayne's gentle style, maybe it will be in further chapters if I continue reading it. and it was good ground work to take this next step, Highly recommend it. you will learn from every page. This book is AMAZING. I will definitely miss his physical self; however a nice distraction from the negative emotions traffic may have on you. Dyer has given us a way to live in the state of Love on a day to day basis. The information is always useful and powerful. It helped me move on through a break up with someone that was my soul twin and I had

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