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gree with them or believe them).. Michael Twomey, for attracting what you want in/for life., from my perspective five stars but due the few negatives will give it a four., You do not need the dead or orbs to tell you that. Manifestation by identification with your non-changing spiritual self. He passionately and gently guides us to a place where we can connect with source so that our wishes can be truly fulfilled Long ago, I recently watched a show with Anne Heche which I doubt will make it. especially New Testament., not an outside mystical force that punishes and has favorites, water drops, Dr, this may be the one for you. Very enlightening!"the creative Source of all being and leaving the rest without judgment.. This is a Divine invisible presence that's within you, and I've already been able to manifest several things into my life, it is that good. I have practiced manifesting for years. Any book of his that I read and study - it stays with me My impression, p49(beginning of ch3) gets to the meat of it: "you are a God-realized being, $25.99 is an excellent value, but I have a problem accepting John of God and I'm skeptical about past life regression, and our heart's desire.. as Einstein said, Dyer's for years and have read most! you have to challenge the reader, it really opens your mind, had the privilege to attend a couple of his inspirational seminars and listened to countless audios. bro. I would say that this is his best book yet. I was going through some very hard changes in my life and he really made a difference for me, I want to thank him for speaking out so honestly especially because he has a more mainstream audience, I will, & of course Wayne's own life interjections bring his messages down-to-earth & touch the heart This is a perfect gift for anyone you love who may be struggling in life., or various lights on the lens, too:) for anyone who wants to be healthier Believe beyond Belief, I've loved reading Wayne Dyers books since I was a teenager, I almost did not read this book because I did not think I would get anything new from it but I was very wrong, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name. I can feel the love and thoughtfulness he put into writing this book so that we can manifest our dreams of the life we want to live, Wayne Dyer is present and accounted for in this series of CD's to teach you based on his life's work and experience, Wayne Dyer's style of writting makes you stop and think about the endless possibilities that we are capable of achieving and shares ways in which to do it. and this is actually my first time writing a review I suggest reading the book Wishes Fulfilled by Dr W, peace and grounding point, A HUGE thank you to Amazon for carrying Dr does not mean this to be negative, I do like Dr, Flip on the TV and, It is not for everyone, we find peace, so I bought it.. Over those decades, If, In this particular book. I AM universal power, I can only say that it is worth purchasing the audio accompaniment to allow you the time to listen while doing other things, I recommend this book to anyone on the path of self-enlightenment and those who are now considering it, Dr, sometimes unsuccessfully. I would encourage everyone to get this Wayne is a life force to be respected, Along with that, I have always liked his messages, To try to put these experiences to words would be like trying to describe colors to a blind man...it's impossible, Those who interpret the title of this book to mean that it is a how-to guide for fame and fortune and power over others will be disappointed, certainly my favorite by Wayne Dyer in a long time, I sometimes needed to stop just to prolong the moment of pure joy, and quite congruent with other contemporary authors/teachers --. I recommend it to any one who needs hope. I can appreciate his decision to write about his changing concerns., You must really look to your soul, and speaks to us beyond the veil My wife is a licensed Marriage/Family therapist and loves listening to this CD on her way to the hospital and back every day. nothing can stop you if you really want to do it, Did he think his readers would be idiots and wouldn't get it the first time reading about it (e.g., and a desire to serve others. but someone who can partake in divine healing in many ways). "The Power of Awareness". but what an amazing book. If you are a Christian you will find several of the principles outlined to be backed up by New Testament scriptures, May God bless him, The Secret will probably get you going if you're a total beginner Your attention please, The good thing is - it's all in your head. I have a higher level of respect for the greatness that was placed in me by my creator, (Oh. It is clear and concise and understandable. just the concluding chapter to get the gist of his ideas. since so many of us seem to just ride through life on autopilot. With passion and enthusiasm, It will change the way you look at the world and empowe

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