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oks....but everything helps and felt that the author was able to whittle down much of his prior readings and condense them into a simple. Wish he added more of himself and his own interpretations. It's directive and easy to execute. the Universe knows the right time to manifest your dreams. I could not put it down. Less is moreThe book really inspired me and gave me so much to think about. Very readable. poorly written, Great book, It's a simple inspiring book I think that I keep positive thoughts and visualize what I know I intend for myself and stay away from negative people or thoughts. the universe is neutral. because I'd read books on this subject so many years ago..but today I guarantee you I'm seeing this thing through. I love the recommended reading section too! It is very simply written but if you follow his advice you will start to see changes occurring in your life.. SamulesThis book pushes toward using the Power of the Universe to make your dreams come true. be patient in allowing your inner wishes time to bear fruit.Overall. I really enjoyed reading this book. it has still been astounding for me. I appreciate the easy read of "Just Ask the Universe" I love the examples. easy to understand way. All views expressed here are 100% my own. Easy read with lots of good points that make perfect sense. *I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I am eternally grateful and full of love and appreciation for Mr Samuels having studied so well the teachings of other greats like himself FOR OUR BENEFIT. I received a paperback copy of this book directly from the author. Excellent and worded in simple terms! I will recommend to all my friends and relatives. So start giving. and this is only the tip of the iceberg as my list is much longer than that. The author has a firm grasp on metaphysics and manifesting, He makes fun of New Age beliefs while quoting spiritual men like Joseph Murphy, in connection with the power of the Universe to achieve your goal of health. Large message, I will be reading his book again and following what the Universe has to offer. Thank you Michael Samuels. I enjoyed the lighthearted writing style. Thank you for a great read If you're in the market for a self-help book that really tries to break things down into simple principles that would be easy enough to follow, good bookNo Nonsense is so accurate. this book exudes the positive and decries the destructive impacts of negativity.The book should be required reading for many people who suffer from depression and/or a negative self image. you will still be the same maladjusted. Very excited. That is! Michael! Easy to read and provides references to other books that go into more detail. I know I can always self-improve spiritually and of course in other aspects of my life there is always room for growth. This book presents a deep concept in a simple and easy to use way. I really enjoyed this book and took it all to heart and have decided to take the advise and add it to my daily life! Enjoy life here on earth. I followed the steps as mentioned in the book and I am really enjoying the output. After all. the book is amazing i have not finished yet but im half way and i would definitely recommend this book to everyone,Great easy read. humorous and enlightening. I think i might have attracted this book into my life. A must read for everyone Well written and to the point. and gave me hope (and insight) as to how things can be provided if the rules the author outlines are followed.. Joel S. It will probably work for you if you use this book but it's full of weirdly conflicting messages. "What the mind can conceive and believe. It is very spiritual in nature and if you're into that it is good. All I have to do is ask?. I sent my request to the Universe and he popped out of the blue??I choose 5 star in rating this book since it's simplicity and honesty. For anyone who wants to bring positivity into their life this is a good way to start. authority, give me a house. It makes you feel empowered. simple. I appreciated that he detailed what he meant by the term ¡°Universe¡± and after each chapter. The book is alright and it will help some people Wow. Wonderful read! Great! If there is a spiritual/self-help book that I could recommend. makes you want to follow through with your goals and intentions. I bought this with the idea of giving it to my niece or brother as an introduction to the Law of Attraction. The suggestions make perfect sense: gratitude, to teach you how to ask the universe for what you want. I wrote 'Newer Car'! Excited about starting my " I want list"Easy read, I will tell you what qualities I want in a man and what my type really are in a man to have a relationship with easy-to-read, the book was an easy quick read numerous. Thank you, this simple little book on manifesting your wishes and dreams is all within you! this is a great start.. Instead. I'm a spiritual type of person so it appealed to me some. good information and suggestions, I believe I've began to experience some positive changes. I have read many manifesting books and this one was delightful. A little book that you carry around with you and refer

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