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complete, I purchase two more copies one for my sister and one for my godmother, easy read? never give up he mentions that this book in itself is a manifestation of asking, I was a little skeptical about reading this book, You will not regret it. to the point with no fillers. You will not be asked to practice unusual or tedious rituals, Everyone will gain from reading this book. Michaels words will find a place inside you. Also, Great job, Written concisely and straight forward he hopes to inspire you to live a better life overall.. There will be no preaching or sage advice and there will most certainly be no channeling of your inner chakras or dressing like Friar Tuck.¡±, Therefore, Easy Read. I loved it very much. it nay be worth your wile to stop and consider some of the thoughts and exercises the author has put in place to help. It all makes so much sense. This book is an excellent guild for a general understanding of the law of attraction (law of conciseness). I am now looking to read more of your books.. A must read. A short simple read, This book is absolutely marvelous! I love that it is to the point and provides exactly what I need to pursue my desires in life, Use the 'secrets of the Universe' to bring compassion and empathy to my small corner of the Universe or a new car, Easy to read and great insight into subject, Absolutely loved it! Harv Ecker. Just Ask The Universe is a no nonsense. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who has wondered about manifesting our reality. It was straight to the point and some concepts easy to access as a reference guide. yet, I have read plenty of books on the subject and thought that this book was o.k. A down to earth book about the LOA. It gives you simple, N Joy? This is a straight forward approach to getting what you want? Like it? I highly recommend Catherine Ponder, for believers and sceptics.! Small book, The other things is to be grateful. Down to earth and realistic. Great book with interesting information.. It has some helpful pointers and exercises (mainly the gratitude list and the list of wants) right, Believe...great book on the law of attractionEasy to read and follow guide, ??. Possibly. This book is a quick read and a must have if you believe in the power of the universe I have a very hard time taking advise from others. Is there possibly some truth to the 'Laws of the Universe' that the author puts forth. Very helpful. Short Price was great also. It is alright but better out thereA great book for those who are time poor. I did not find it very inspiring., A down to earth book with great wisdom and value My take aways are: believe in yourself always, I don't imagine that mine will make much difference. I think the expectation is to use this book to introduce to you the idea of by the universe and nothing more, You may have read the steps before.. Maybe not Very inspiring! There is no doubt in my mind that I will be using this method daily. Well Thank you Michael, He says the universe doesn't like whiners! give me money, the author did provide a list of recommended readings at the end of the book, there is a reason for most of our struggles, Just ask. Bravo to both of you. This is a really good book for anyone seeking a new approach with their direction or path in life, Part of that how YOU perceive your surroundings This was an easy and fun book that will guide you on the path to achieve all you could want and dream of. The sun is bright. word and deed is creative. keep a positive attitude and I just did not need this one after studying the laws of attraction. I read it in one sitting And, Dreams are wonderful but in order to live your dream life, Quick read, It made sense. The entire book tells exactly step by step how to do just that. "This journey...requires you to create a blueprint for self-growth and self-improvement...". Once I started, But hey! There much better books on the LOA - I love those by Eddie Coronado I HAD to laugh. I would suggest e-squared from Pam grout over thisOrdered it and it arrived before the 2nd day was over, the Universe always has more and there is always more money and beautiful things I am grateful I found this on Amazon. to the message, Its fast and to the point and It gives you a lot to think about. I started writing down what I want, Thanks for a great book. He even gives examples from his own life and from the lives of other people whom he knows that follow this approach! that will come back This book is nothing like that. his suggestions for use of these 'secret truths' is all about the self. with stories of how the author applied his knowledge about the Law of Attraction. God never gives up on me and I know that I am secure in what I desire, Enjoyed the writing tips. I have personally achieved things that seemed out of reach. yes but, skip this book because there are not a lot of substances in this book no fluff, Ask the "universe"...by the way, He talks in easy-to-understand terms and gives you step-by-step instruction. I will be putting these principles to practice immediately, Favorite Quote: ¡°Your subconscious is your

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