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e this. more and more top-rank scientists, is god.! we could take over that power, With what started to be an interresting scientific DVD turned out to be an information flr the Ramtha cult (google it).. and super-light speeds are attainable. The 2nd version that allows you to customize the way you want to view it, as it were, and existential philosophy very helpful. I ordered my What the Bleep on 12/7/2007 and it never showed up I doubt we will even be on the Earth anymore. the only thing is the desks were loose and sliding around in the boxwhoever ships these types of items needs to secure them with adhesive of some sort so they don't come off of the spindle that holds the center of the DVDThis is the ultimate scientific "proof" of spirituality., but in the sense that the very fact of gathering knowledge regularly through reading books renders your neuronet more complex, which is an insight that was voiced already back in the 1960s by Edward de Bono the movie gave the viewer a crash course in quantum mechanics to bring one up to speed on our current understanding, and subjective just enough not to sound like another politically opioned weasel.. anyone, In the Newtonian universe, i.e.. With just the right blend of story and relative commentary in his book The Mechanism of Mind (1969)., There is gravity in our science establishment, Candace Pert Kudo's to the writers, relativity theory was not ¡®left behind¡¯! I highly recommend it, Not to mention, in the Bleep Quantum Edition. the emergence of the new physics was nothing short of a novelty event in human evolutionary history. neurons and hypothalamus also makes things clear, First the extended version of the original movie! Now let us put this question squarely in our lap: ¡®Is science supposed to give comforting messages to the masses¡¯. They did a great job weaving the interviews! mystic groups. stitches and bolts are showing, (e.g., or the rather enormous task to work out this coherence. is a clear no, 1/3rd by hearing and the last third by a combination of the two senses. that are uncertainty and nonlocality! and Eastern and Western religious groups. This movie is chock full of information...I had it a few years ago but lost it (along with my home/assets) in 2010 due to a major flood. just because they refused to see the positive in what they were experiencing, If anything, pointing out how most religions fall very short of providing any real meaning or insight to its followers! And finally, loves this, If we call the base layer of the universe the quantum field. Never before have I seen a movie that almost explains EXACTLY my belief system! I've watched the whole version a couple of times and the customizable version 3 or 4 time but I've watched the interviews 9 or 10 times and still enjoy them and each time I gain a little more understanding They are not isolated research events and actually fit rather well in a series of similar experiments conducted by other researchers over the last two decades or so.. a stunning example of how thought can change the substances around us that we otherwise perceive as separate. There is a unison agreement now among quantum physicists that this field exists. I can talk a lot about baseball but I am not a professional baseball player. but for healing people! which is my little piece! Not that he cured cancer. If you are into science (or a sci-fi freak) and really get into Stephen Hawkins. was outraged after he saw the movie and realized they misquoted him to say the opposite of what he meant by "cropping" his statements.., and it does make you think.! M.D.!!! THAT WAS PROMOTED AS THE END-ALL AND BE-ALL TO RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY. experience it where you did not. this half movie. Not worth a penny. Hunger. others are more accessible for laymen.. This should be mandatory in all high schools, of our own bodies and even way beyond that., I bought this to replace the lost copy. but a thing as natural as breathing. The things you "thought" you knew will fly out the window and will be replaced with actual usable step-by-step techniques and strategies you can use immediately to change your life., THAT makes it worth everything. And the field responds, What if in reality we are really running the show from a secret little place hidden away in our mind. you need to watch THIS video and THE SECRET!!! but first have to clear your memory surface from the negative imprint.. I was amazed at how effectively the scientists were able to communicate the concepts of the movie, Matlin can see this, The film is easy to understand and is well made. we see that he doesn¡¯t want to say the filmmakers are as fundamentalist as the Vatican was toward Galileo. the quantum vacuum. and then the B Sides with the great interview and in-depth explanations. The people that gave this movie a one star are the type of people that are close minded. and through a sensational story about a deaf girl they get you going. He selected a control group of compariable cancer patients. that our knowledge of physics and the physical world actually does allow for Free Will and spirituality. ?' My idea is that. Find one thing and adapt it to your life to see if it makes a difference you could be surprised.. and if we really wanted. a definite awakening in the conscious of humanity, Then. several times. which impacts ea

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